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Surathkal Beach

Surathkal is a renowned beach of Mangalore, Karnataka which can undoubtedly be said as one of the finest beaches of India. Located in a quiet suburb of the city, the beach has earned recognition as one of the perfect holiday destinations of South India. The beach has highly alluring picture of its perfect natural surroundings. It is a very popular tourist spot of Mangalore lying within a distance of fifteen kilometers. The best time to visit is during the winter season that is during the months of October to February.

The scenic beauty of the Surathkal Beach is simply breathtaking. Close to the beach are two prestigious colleges Karnataka Regional Engineering College (KREC), Surathkal and NITK which brings in a lot of tourists to the beach. Surathkal is the appropriate one for a weekend vacation or a day long visit as a part one’s Mangalore visit.


Surathkal derived its name from "shiratakal" which means “headstone" in Tulu dialect. It is located on the Arabian Sea shore at a small distance from Mangalore on National Highway 17 in the Dakshina Kannada district. Apart from the natural beauty of the sunrise and sunset, it has the famous Sadashiva temple that has been said to be built around the linga that a Rakshasa  named Kharasura carried on his head. Earlier, the region was not properly developed and was under a Grama panchayat, which was later converted into a then town panchayat or municipality and presently, it has been merged with the Mangalore City Corporation.


Natural Beauty

Surathkal beach is located very close to Mangalore city. The pristine white sandy beach with several patchy rocks, offers a great retreat for both the young and the old crowd. The numerous white sand beaches with clean waters and stretches of green coconut trees all along the coastline are simply spectacular to view. The excitement reaches its zenith while standing on the rock boulders, the splashing waters and the thundering sea wets the tourist. One can see the snails and the baby crabs digging their way and quickly vanishing into the sand to camouflage themselves from the eroding sand by the sea waves. There are numerous colorful shells that are now and then washed away to the shores, which could be used decorate aquariums.

Shri Sadashiva Mahaganapati Temple

The Shri Sadashiva Mahaganapati Temple is a very famous and ancient temple of Lord Shiva near the Surathkal Beach. It is situated atop a hillock. Surrounding the temple, there are four ponds which is in the shape of a wheel, lotus, mace and conch. The pleasant view of the region around from the temple is simply awesome.

The Light House

Mangalore has a light house that is situated on the Surathkal beach and is quite popular among the tourists who visit here. It is situated in middle of a rocky terrain and offers a spectacular and thrilling top view of the region around. The light house is open to the tourists between 4.00 pm and 5.00 pm in the evening.

Astha Matha

Astha Matha was established by the Saint Madhwacharya. The walls of the matha have beautiful designs which reveal a lot about the ancient culture of the region.


Moodbidri is a Jain location close to the Surathkal Beach. This town has been a centre of the Jain religion from the 15th century. There are numerous Jain temples, which are a must visit.

Sasihitulu Village

Sasihitulu village is a village near Surathkal. The Pavanje River drains into the Arabian Sea and forms an estuary in this region. The natural beauty is excellent.

Reaching Surathkal Beach


The nearest airport to the Surathkal Beach is the Mangalore international airport which is well connected to various other domestic airports across India and to other international airports. The beach is situated at a distance of 365 kilometers from Bangalore and is just 15 kilometers from Mangalore Airport which is also known as the Bajpe Airport. The landmark nearby this beach is the Karnataka Regional Engineering College.


The nearest railway station is the Surathkal Railway Station on the Konkan Railway which is at a short distance from the beach. Surathkal Railway Station is connected to several other major railway stations across India. Taxis, auto rickshaws and busses are available at the railway station to carry tourists to the destination.


The region is well connected by roads to various parts of Mangalore and Surathkal town enjoys a well developed network of roads used by public buses to transport visitors here.

Accommodation Options

Tourists can look for accommodation in the numerous luxurious hotels present in the areas adjacent to the beach. There are a number of mid-range hotels as well.  The most popular ones include the Ginger Hotel, Durga International Hotel and many more.

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