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Murudeshwar Beach

Murudeshwar is a beach town located in Bhatkal Taluk of Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka, India. The town gets its name from the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva. Murudeshwar is situated on the coast of the Arabian Sea. It possesses exotic natural beauty along with being a holy place. It is by every means a pilgrimage paradise. The beach is placed between Bhatkal and Honnavar, which is about 1 km away from the National Highway. The beach stretches for quite a few kilometers from the north of the popular Murudeshwar Temple. The combination of towering hills, the roaring sea and the areca and coconut groves attracts many devotees and tourists from other parts of India and around the world to this temple beach town.


The place was previously known as ‘Mrideshwara’. It was renamed after the Murudeshwar Temple, which has extreme religious and historic importance as it was built in dedication of Lord Shiva. This town is believed to be in existence since the period of Ramayana. Legend has it that Ravana brought Atma Lingam from the Kailash Parbat but Lord Ganesha managed to tricj him and planted the same at Gokarna. This infuriated Ravana and hence, he tried to uproot the lingam but in the process, he ended up damaging it and pieces of it fell at different places.

Those places were later visited by Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha, who installed all the pieces at the same location. Lord Shiva named the five places where the parts of the Atma Lingam landed as ‘pancha-khshetras’. Lord Shiva then announced that worshipping his lingams will help devotees to wash off their sins and also lead them to Moksha.

Major Attractions

Statue of Lord Shiva

There is a huge statue of Lord Shiva, which is the second highest idol of Lord Shiva in the world and highest in India, standing tall at 37 meters. The statue visible from long distances is positioned inside the temple complex. It took two years, 50 million rupees and several sculptors to make this statue. This is a huge attraction to this place.

Murudeshwar Temple and Raja Gopura

This temple is situated on the Kanduka Hill surrounded by water of the Arabian Sea on three sides. A 20-stories gopura has been constructed at the temple solely dedicated to Lord Shiva. A lift has been installed here to let people view the huge 123-feet Shiva statue from the top of the Raja gopura. There is a Shaneswara temple built just besides the Shiva idol. A Rameshwar linga is also there at the bottom of the hill. There is a gigantic fort located nearby, which has been restored by none other than the Mysore Tiger, Tipu Sultan, as per popular beliefs.

Travelling in and Around Beach

When you are in Murudeshwar, make a point to visit Bhatkal so that you can enjoy the beach, visit Kadavinakatta Dam, Jamia Masjid, Khalifa Masjid, Noor Masjid, Sultani Masjid, the Kethapayya Narayan Temple, Netrani Island and the Light House.

Things to Do

  • Murudeshwar is a great picnic spot. Many people visit this place to take a break from the rigorous and hectic lifestyle they lead.
  • Cock fights and buffalo races are quite popular here. Both local people and tourists enjoy watching these.
  • Many temples are there along the sea beach, which make great tourist attractions.
  • Enjoy the rich flora offered by the bordering scenic green hills while strolling on the beach. The natural beauty of this place is extremely captivating.
  • Adventure sports like scuba diving can also be experienced in Murudeshwar.

Weather/Best Time to Visit

Murudeshwar remains quite hot during the summer months, which is from March to May, when the temperature ranges between 20°C and 35°C. Winters, from December to February, are very pleasant with mercury levels being in the range of 14°C to 28°C. During the months of June to September, this place experiences heavy rainfalls due to south west monsoons. Except the monsoon season, one can visit Murudeshwar during any time of the year. However, the best period would be from October to May. The most important festival that is celebrated here is Maha Shivaratri when many devotees come here to pour their devotion and take part in the religious rituals.

Where to Stay?

You would get several budget hotels near the station. However, if you are looking for mid-range hotels, you need to move towards the bus stand. There is also a luxury hotel facing the Arabian Sea, to be found near the Murudeshwar Temple, which is also close to the coastline. RNS Residency, Murudeshwar Guest House and Hotel Benzy Intercontinental can be considered during your stay here. One can also spend the night at any temple cottage that offers modest comfort.

Where to Eat?

Since Murudeshwar is a temple town, one can find various restaurants serving vegetarian South Indian cuisine. The best eateries can be found on the NH-17 or near the beach. Few fast food joints service Punjabi and Chinese cuisines can be found near the railway station. Non-vegetarian foods are available near the Murudeshwar bypass and railway station. It is a must to experience the local cuisine like rice and fish curry as well as sweets prepared with coconut. Mangoes, jackfruits and cashews of this place must be tastes as well.

How to Reach


The nearest railway station is Murudeshwar station on the Konkan Railway network. Few trains from Mangalore and Mumbai make a stop here. Another way to reach this place is by getting down at Bhatkal station, which is 16 km away from this place.


The nearest airport to this place is located at Mangalore, which is 165 km away from Murudeshwar.


This place is located at a distance of about 1 Km from the NH-17 between the towns of Bhatkal and Honnovar. Murudeshwar is well connected by roadways.

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