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Malpe Beach

Malpe beach is a one-of-its-kind location in Udupi district. It lies about 6 km to the west of Udupi. It is an important port and also a famous fishing harbor in Udupi. Malpe is located at the mouth of river Udyavara/Malpe. Malpe is the largest port of Karnataka and fisheries are its largest industry.

Being an important port and fishing hub, Malpe is also a beach town with a scenic shore. It is a beautiful beach that attracts a lot of locals as well as tourists. This beach is lined with palm trees so one can lie down and relax for hours under their share. The beach tends to be less crowded beach, which makes it the perfect place for those who want to take a break from city life.

A beach with plenty of adventurous activities like jet skis, speed boats, parasailing as well as horse and camel riding at very nominal rates, Malpe beach provides entertainment for all age group. The beach offers a mix of serenity and entertainment.

There is also a suspension bridge across Malpe/Udyavara River that joins into the sea. This is a striking view and a must watch.

Malpe Beach has semitropical climate. The summers last through March and April. These months are hot and should be avoided. Monsoon is experienced during June, July, August and September. Torrential rains are also experienced in Malpe region. Winters last from December to February. This is the best time to visit Malpe.

Sunset is the best time for nature lovers. Make sure to carry your camera to get some amazing shots. One can also take a ferry ride and visit nearby islands.


Located at the west coast of Karnataka, about 60 km from Mangalore city, this beach offers an awesome experience. It has the river Malpe flowing nearby which is navigable by small cargo boats for about 10 km during high tide. The place has fascinating natural scenic view. It has been a commercial center for a long time.

Attractions near the Beach

Malpe is known for its port, fishing hub and its beautiful beach. It has 4 rocky islands close to its mainland.


This place has a fort, which is a beautiful tourist attraction. This port is famous for its export of processed fish to foreign countries. The sea between the rocky islands and the shore acts as a safe anchorage for vessels during storms and rough weather. Also, the oldest tile factory that was set up by the Basel mission is located here. Fishing and fish curing are the main industries of this island.

The island has temples of Balarama and Ananteshwara here. The image of Balarama has 6 faces. It was originally a temple of Subramanya or Shanmukha, the six faced deity who was named Balarama later. The fort was built by Basavappa Nayaka of Bidanur. There is also a temple of Vadabhandeshwara here.

St. Mary’s Islands - also called Thonsepaar

This island is also known as Coconut Island and is just 30 minutes away by boat ride. It is 6 km away from the coast. It has a floor made up of residues of sea shells that come from the ocean. This island is very well known for its geographic features, especially the volcanic rocks that are vertical as well as hexagonal. It is believed that the island was discovered by Vasco da Gama in 1498, who named it as El padron de Santa Maria. This island is important geo-tourism site.
The other 2 islands here are Kari-illada-Kallu and Daria-Gadara-Kalluthe, which can be visited by ferries.

Saibaba Temple, Kodavoor

This temple lies at a distance of 5 km from Udupi near Malpe. The Saibaba temple complex also has Nityananda Swami and Shri Raghavendra Swami Temples.

Shree Krishna Udupi Temple

This is a famous temple of the South dating back to the 13th century. The temple is a major Krishna pilgrimage centre around which the entire town of Udupi is based. Around Sri Krishna Matha, there are several temples made of wood and stone. It is said to be 1500 years old.

Reaching Malpe Beach

By Air

Closest international airport is Mangalore which is 54 km from Udupi. Public transport can be taken after that.

By Rail

Udupi is the closest railway station maintained by Konkan Railways. Public transport is easily available in this area.

By Road

NH-66 runs through Udupi to Malpe. Public transport runs from Udupi, Karnataka.

Accommodation Options

There are many hotels like Paradise Isle Beach Resort, Malpe hotel around Malpe that can be chosen to stay. The language spoken is Tulu, Kannada and Konkani and the food is mainly the sea food which is a delight in itself.

There are plenty of restaurants to cater to local and international both the types of crowd. Even street stalls are easily available nearby the beach serving both veg and non-veg options. One can find plenty of food options at the stall and even the moving vendors. Fish curry is very famous of this place so it is a must try. There are plenty of multi cuisine restaurants that can be found around Malpe beach.

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