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Kaup Beach

For those who have an instinct for exploring rural life from close quarters, Kaup beach can be a perfect retreat. A small town in the Udupi district of Karnataka, Kaup is much known for its pristine beach waters as for its lighthouse which has featured in numerous movies.

The coastline is lined with rocks and any given day visitors can be seen making a beeline to the rocky shore to experience the magic of sea waves from close quarters.


Kaup beach is located near Udupi and is considerably less explored as compared to other regions in Southern Karnataka. Location seems to be its biggest advantage for those tourists who decide to visit Kaup. It is situated 18 km from Udupi and Mangalore lies around 45 km from Kaup, making it an ideal weekend destination.
Manipal is only 15 km from Kaup and medical students are often seen spending time at the beach. Morning and evening hours are the perfect time to visit Kaup and if you decide to visit the place during monsoons, a distinct touch of rural Karnataka life will be evident.


Kaup Lighthouse

The lighthouse situated on Kaup beach adds a unique dimension to the beauty of this beach. Numerous movies have been shot at Kaup beach with the lighthouse figuring prominently in the background. Though not in use now, the lighthouse played a vital role in guiding ships on the correct path during earlier days.

Build in 1901, the lighthouse is open for visitors from 4 pm to 6 pm and offers a panoramic view of the surrounding areas. The vast expanse of Arabian Sea evident from the lighthouse will infuse a fresh lease of life within you and is likely to remain in your memory for long.

Other Attractions

Besides its lighthouse, Kaup beach also has ruins of Jain Basadis along the coastline and offer a glimpse into the cultural heritage which was a vital part of Kaup or Kapu, as the place is often known. Besides, Kaup also acts as a base for temples dedicated to Goddess Mariamman and devotees can be seen at any time of the year in Kaup for paying their respect to the Goddess.

Kaup offers an opportunity to explore the rural life of Karnataka from close quarters and if you are among those who have a liking for witnessing distinct cultures in their raw form, a visit to Kaup is highly recommended.

Reaching the Kaup Beach


Mangalore airport is the nearest air link with Kaup. If thinking of visiting Kaup, you can ideally disembark at Mangalore airport and hire a taxi from the airport itself for the Kaup beach.


Kaup is well connected by the rail route. Udupi is the nearest railway station and lies 18 km from the beach. Ideally, you can also disembark at Mangalore railway station too if you plan to visit Mangalore. Buses and taxis can be taken from the railway station for Kaup.


Kaup is located on West Coast National Highway and is in close proximity to Udupi and Mangalore. State Road Transport Corporation buses can be taken from Udupi for Kaup. The beach lies 1.5 km from Kaup and auto rickshaw can be taken from Kaup bus stand if you do not prefer to walk the entire stretch.

Accommodation Options

Kaup beach does not have any provisions for accommodation but if you prefer to stay at Kaup, you can opt for Hakuna Matata and the Blue Matsya which offer boarding and lodging options.

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