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Bhatkal Beach

The Bhatkal beach is located at just about a distance of 16 km from the main town of Bhatkal. It is one of the less-explored areas by tourists and has most of its serene beauty intact. The long expanses of sands and the canopy of palm trees found at the Bhatkal Beach may look similar to what is found in the other beaches of India. However, one important factor that makes this beach stand out from the rest is its excellent ambience. There are many temples lined along the shores of the Bhatkal beach, the serenity of which makes you enjoy the beach in a peaceful manner. The best time to visit this beach is between the months of August and March. The experience that you get from your trip to the beaches during this season is sure to last forever in your lives. There is an unknown and beautiful mystery in these beaches that attract local and international tourists in large numbers all through the year.


Bhatkal is one of the oldest towns of Karnataka and is nestled within the Western Ghats along the line of the Arabian Sea. During the 16th century, this town functioned as the principle port of the Vijayanagar rulers. Two main temples, namely the Vijayanagar temple and the ChandranathBasadi temple, famous for their intricate carvings, are found in this Bhatkal town. Just behind this temple, a huge fort is located. This is believed to have been renovated by the erstwhile ruler of Mysore, Tipu Sultan.

The town of Bhatkal became famous through its culturally rich temples. One of the most famous temples found here is the Sholeswhar temple, believed to have been constructed in the 10th century by the Chola rulers to celebrate their victory in these areas. A couple of Jain temples that could be traced back to the 16th century and a church that was believed to have been constructed during the rule of the Portuguese and an old lighthouse are some of the major tourist attractions.


A Floating Mountain

Netrani, a hill like island, located at a distance of about 30 km from Bhatkal town, is a big tourist spot that is spread over 30 acres of land. There are many boats balanced against the rocks here. There is a common place of worship here for the fishermen community. Hindus, Muslims and Christians come and offer their prayers here. The Indian Navy uses this place for testing bombing equipments. Netrani is a paradise for tourists who have an eye for adventure and spirituality.

Temple Town

When the Vijayanagar kingdom ruled over this part of Karnataka during the 16th century, Bhatkal was its main port city. This place was the most preferred by those rulers for constructing spectacular temples. Even today, one can witness the architectural remnants of those temples that attracts local and international tourists in large numbers. The Jain temple of Chadranatha Basadi and a 17th century replete with intricate and accurate animal carvings are the major tourist attractions here.

Reaching Bhatkal Beach


Goa is the nearest airport to this place. Lots of buses and taxis are available from Goa to Bhatkal on a frequent basis.


Hubli railway junction is the nearest to Bhatkal.


This beach is located at just about 16km from the main and famous town of Bhatkal and about 126 km from Karwar.

Accommodation Options

One can find many places in and around Bhatkal beach for their accommodation needs. Hotel Seema and Vaibhav lodge are the most popular staying options. Tourists can also find luxurious, yet budget-friendly accommodation places in Bhatkal town.

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