Karnataka has a coastline of 320 km. The entire area is lined with beautiful beaches dotted with majestic palm trees. This creates a scenic view and makes the state’s beaches one of the most preferred destinations for tourists from India and abroad. Winter is the best time to visit Karnataka beaches.

Famous Beaches of Karnataka

Gokarna Beaches

A tiny beach town located in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, Gokarna attracts tourists through its Mahabaleshwar temple and four tranquil beaches. Tourists visiting the state for the purpose of relaxation and peaceful moments, away from their chaotic life, must visit this beach. The town also has several ancient and interesting temples. Shivaratri festival is celebrated with aplomb here for four days. The festival’s chief attraction is the pulling of two huge chariots through the holy town’s streets.

The biggest attraction of the place is the Om beach. This is naturally shaped in the form of the auspicious Hindu symbol ॐ [Om]. It is a unique beach in Gokarna. It features the best waves and lots of beach-side shacks. Just 20 minutes distance from Gokarna bus stand, Om beach draws visitors due to its intriguing natural shape.

Kudle beach is in Gokarna town. Tourists must come here between December and March to enjoy the place. The beach is wrapped in serenity. Sparkling waters of the Arabian Sea and soft waves soothe senses and transport visitors to another world.

Devbagh beach is one of the most beautiful beaches located in Karwar. This is an interesting beach town of Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka. The town lies on the banks of River Kali. The beach is soaked in nature’s beauty. People who come here are bathed in purity and freshness of nature. Karwar has several other sightseeing places like Durga Temple, Naganatha Temple, Venkatrama Temple, which is 300 years old, Octagonal Church, and Sadashivgad Hill Fort. Karwar is good for visit from the months of September to May.

Udupi Beaches

Kaup beach of Udupi is highly populated. It lies 12 km south of Udupi district of Karnataka. A lighthouse soaring 100 feet is the main attraction here. Visitors can also find an intriguing ruined fort. The nearest airport is in Mangalore, about 50 kms away from Kaup beach. Bangalore is 410 km from the beach.

Yet another beautiful beach is Malpe beach, situated 6 km to the west of Udupi district. Malpe is a natural port and an important fishing harbor of Karnataka. Visitors can also bask in the regality of Ananteshwara and Balarama temples here.

Murudeshwar Beach

Murudeshwar beach is in Bhatkal Taluka. It is visited by tourists from all over India and abroad. The beach features a huge Shiva statue, which is the second biggest  in the world.

Then there is the Marawanthe beach. It gives a breath taking view of the sunset. The magic spreads as the sun takes a dip into the glistening waters of the Arabian Sea. The beach has facilities for water sports. It awes visitors with its scenic beauty and sightseeing activities.

Netrani beach is one of the famous scuba diving spots of India. It is also a good snorkeling spot. The beach has magnificent corals. Netrani is an island on Arabian Sea, 10 km off the coast of Murudeshwar town. It is also called Pigeon Island.

St. Mary Beach

St. Mary is a group of four islands on Arabian Sea. The island’s beach is exceptionally beautiful. The islands are a part of Karnataka’s four geological monuments. India has a total of 26 geological monuments. St. Mary’s Island is one in the list. This is an important “Geo Tourism” spot. The beaches stun visitors through their aesthetics.

Ullal Beach

Ullal is one of India’s oldest towns. Ullal beach is regarded as one of the excellent beaches of this southern state of India. Ullal is a tiny fishing village, situated about 12 kms from Mangalore city. St. Sebestian Church and Somanatheshwara Temple are two chief attractions of the town. The beach here provides a good leisure time for visitors.

Surathkal Beach

Surathkal Beach lies 12 km from Mangalore city and is near the famous engineering college. The beach has a curved shoreline. A lighthouse stands proudly at the beach end on a rocky hillock. It offers a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea and of the countryside. It is open for visitors only for an hour from 4 to 5 in the afternoon. Mornings of the beach are laden with fishing activities. Sunset view is mesmerizing here.

The arresting beauty of Karnataka beaches ensures that tourists stay here for a while longer. It is impossible to be in a hurry to go back when on a beach in Karnataka. It seems as if the beaches cast a spell on visitors and they are bound to spend hours here.


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