The transport section there is responsible for looking after the automobile sector, motor garages and roads in Jammu & Kashmir. The department has decided to offer a first class service to all the citizen of Jammu & Kashmir. That is why they have worked in the transport section extremely hard. The main intention is to give realistic and inexpensive services to the people living in the various parts, and they have worked on some policies for that. The road security is also very vital aspect, and they are working on that too. They do not allow any old vehicles in the road or any untrained drivers. This way the road can stay free from accident and pollution. The private transport vehicles are not that inexpensive, and the fare is soaring day by day. The transport section is trying to control the fare system of the private transport. It is their duty to fix the problem and often consult with the owners of all the private vehicles.

The transport department administration is responsible for taking care of all the necessary works. The sector of the administration decides everything about important guidelines, notifications and other stuffs. They are in charge of all the policy making duties and instructs the field officers to take care of all the services. This way they are serving the people every day. There are some significant duties of the transport section one should know about.

Jammu & Kashmir Government is responsible for all the activities of state transport department. In 1962, they were a part of the event when the first vehicle ran at 18,380 (ft). It ran at Khardung La Pass, a remarkable event.

After that, years have passed, and the transport division of Jammu and Kashmir has improved a lot.

Recently, one can easily notice that the roads and transport facility in J&K have changed a lot, and the result is quite commendable.

The hard work and commitment of all employees and administration are quite impressive. They have worked as one family. They are truly determined to serve the people, and it shows through their efforts. And this is a very generous sign as it will only make everything better.  

The Jammu & Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation is majorly responsible for all the improvements of economy. The department offers convenient transport facility, and that is why public transport is accessible to all parts of the state. Their services also stretch to other parts of the country, such as Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh, etc.


  • Motor vehicle operation accomplishment in 1988
  • Taking care of the all the policies, such as street protection and administration process.
  • Executing computerized all working process that helps them to keep all the records and verify the data.
  • Keeping records and examining them for better management process.
  • Spreading to everyone that street protection is very much important.
  • Working on the Welfare Fund of travelers to help the people in street mishap and for that they are spreading awareness, and letting all the drivers, duty inspectors know about this.
  • Take necessary action against any illegal events or case, which is important for managing the process.
  • Collecting all the necessary charges and taxes to do their necessary duties.
  • Keeping an eye on the finances is also noteworthy function, as it helps to run the system.
  • Estimating the result of their system is very important too, helps them to get better their services.


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