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Nagin Lake

Srinagar is considered as a resort for travelers. At this place tourists can enjoy the atypical loveliness of the vale. This city has also attracted the Mughals, the Chinese and the Britishers too. Moreover this city has watercourses that provide picturesque existence, the exclusive houseboats, the embryonic gardens, and even few water sports activities. Women will love doing shopping at this city as it inhabits gorgeous hand developed souvenirs. Moreover this Lake has some resorts that are situated nearby and they make this place as an appreciated spot among those who are looking for a tremendous holiday. Nagin Lake is also referred as a divide lake because it is really a fraction of Lake Dal. This lake acts as a linked was because it allows only walkers and bikers to go through the pond grounds. The causeway transmits the stream deliver pipeline in the east of Srinagar city. Also it is encircled by the hill of Shankaracharya at the south and at west side of Hari Parbat. Even this lake is situated at the base of Hill Zabarwan. Some poplar trees and willow border the boundaries of the pond. Nagin is usually known as the 'Jewel in the Ring' as it held to be the best looking of the Dal lakes. Nagin is only alienated from the Dal Larer lakes by a thin land bridge and it also has a figure of houseboats that moored roughly at its border.

The name of Nagin Lake has come up from the trees that surround it. Moreover this lake is commonly recognized as the 'Jewel in the Ring’. Furthermore it is the most imposing lakes in Srinagar east and lies at 6 km distance which can be reached within 11 minutes by taxi. The pond with its bottomless azure waters is alienated from Lake Dal by a slender walkway. Furthermore this is a thrilling traveler destination with quantity of houseboats deteriorating in the tranquil waters. This Lake Nagin is a wonderful position to go for water activity that us swimming as it is fewer packed and deeper. Sailing and water Skiing on boats of fiberglass can also be entertained here. The Mosque Hazratbal is a nearby appeal place to visit. Tourists favor swimming in this Nagin Lake, as contrasted to other lakes in this region. Adventurous water sports such as sailing, skiing and fiberglass sailing all are obtainable here for the audacious vacationer. A tea pavilion and a bar called the ‘Nagin Club’ situated on the reservoirs of the Nagin lake and this place provides for a place for unwind. This lake is the negligible of the four but it is also the most striking. The waters of this lake are bordered by willow trees and are poplar too because of the reflection which is reflected in the lake. One can hire out motor launches or water-skis and enjoy their vacations very well.

A Nice Getaway

If a person wants to get away from the messy city life then Nagin Lake is a superior site to locate an abode boat. This lake has green surroundings that are all tranquil and remote than the surroundings on the Dal Lake. Moreover at this lake one can hire rowboats from the base camping site.


Nagin Lake resides deep waters and also it is less polluted too. Therefore this lake is good for water skiing facilities and swimming. Also one can enjoy the sailing fiberglass boats as they are available here and one can hire them. Motorboats are quite little motorized for skiing but still they make a brave effort. If one wants to attempt water skiing than they have to keep a cautious eye out for swimmers. The Nagin club which is situated on the bank of lake inhabits a tea pavilion and a bar.

How To Reach

The driving or the road distance from Dal Lake to Nagin Lake is about 8 kms or roughly 5.00 miles. For modifying the travel journey one can think of adding few stop over places or adding few night stops.

Best Time to Visit

From the months of June to August, it is advised that these months are considered as the best time to visit this Lake Nagin.

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