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Mansar Lake

Set amidst hills covered with forests, the beautiful Mansar Lake is situated at a distance of 62 kilometers from Jammu in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Covering the span of over a mile with half-a-mile thickness, the lake is a popular way out for tourists all through the year.

Road to Mansar Lake links Pathankot (Punjab) to Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir via NH-1A. Mansar Lake is also connected with Surinsar Lake that’s a smaller lake situated around 24 kilometers from Jammu.

Mansar Lake offers a picturesque sight with lush green mountains covered in think and dense forests. It’s a major spot for picnic among both the locals as well as the tourists.

Religious Side

As per some legends, the lake has a holy side, sharing the purity of Lake Mansarowar. Resting on its eastern side, sits a shrine of mythological snake with six heads, Sheshnag. A huge rock sits in the shrine, holding several iron chains, which possibly symbolizes small snakes on the deity of Sheshnag. Some newlyweds believe it fortunate to walk around the lake three times to seek the blessings of Sheshnag. Some people also perform the first hair cut ceremony (known as mundan) of their male children here.

Other temples situated in vicinity of the lake include the temples of Umapati Mahadev, Narsimha and a temple of Durga. On certain festive occasions, people take a holy dip in the water of Mansar Lake. Serving as a sacred site, the lake also offers a breathtaking view of lush green forests.


The tourism department holds boating fun for visitors on the water of Mansar Lake. Known for flora and fauna, the lake is visited by a number of seasonal birds, tortoise and fishes of different species.

The area has a wild life Sanctuary with animals including Spotted Deer, Neelgai and water birds such as Cranes and Ducks among others.

Every year around Baisakhi in April, the J&K Tourism organizes a food and crafts festival that attracts tourists in large numbers. In the month of May, the lake also hosts the cultural festival for Dogra people. Another festival, known as the ‘Chhing’ sees wrestlers of the region gather near the Mansar Lake to participate in the game of wrestling.

Best Time to Visit

Mansar Lake can be visited all through the year. However, the best season could be the months from April to October.


The J&K Tourism has bungalows and huts in Mansar to accommodate tourists.

How to Reach

Mansar Lake lies on the road that links Pathankot in Punjab to Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir through National Highway 1A. The lake is situated at a distance of 62 kilometers from Jammu and 40 kilometers from Udhampur.

Jammu Tawi railway Station is well linked with major Indian cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Trivandrum. Regular bus and taxi services ply from Jammu to Mansar.

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