Gujarat Tourism Development Corporation

The Gujarat Tourism Development Corporation is the place that tourists who visit Gujarat for the first time must stop by. Here, the tourists get an idea about the major tourist attractions in the place, the best time to visit them, the hours of operation of these attractions, tour packages, details of government appointed tour operators or travel guides, some options for good accommodation etc. These details will save the touristsí time, efforts and money immensely as they are not exploited because of their ignorance, nor do they feel stranded at any point during their stay in the state.

Tourists must visit the portal of the states' tourism development corporation as it has an exhaustive list of tourist attractions. One can choose the place that he wants to see depending on his or her preferences. Tourists who are interested in archaeology can visit the ancient monuments and age old temples that have passed the test of time over the years. Wildlife lovers can choose from a list of sanctuaries, reserves, zoos etc. that the state has to offer in plenty. Water lovers can surf through the places that have beaches and water sports activities. History lovers can get details about the museums that this place has to offer. All these options and detailed information about their locality, how to reach these places, the best time to visit these places etc. help the tourists to plan their trip better so that they can get maximum enjoyment when they visit the state.

Tourists who want to get the real feel of the culture and heritage of Gujarat must visit the place during important festivals or during the fairs that are conducted in large numbers. The tourism development corporation contains a detailed list of fairs in the state like international kite festival, Bhavnath Fair, Navrathri festival, Tarnetar Fair, Vautha Fair, Kavant Fair and many other exhibitions and festivals in the state so that tourists have a fair idea as to what to expect during these festive occasions.

The tourism development corporation of the state also helps the tourists with their accommodation details. Tourists can choose the options that they want to stay in, depending on the attractions they like to cover. A list of hotels approved by the necessary organisations come up, when the tourist enters the tourist attraction he wants to see. This list helps the tourists to drill down and select the accommodation that suits his travel and budget constraints, thereby making their job quite easy. The tourism development portal ensures that tourists are never stranded or confused during their stay in Gujarat and go beyond the mile in reassuring the tourists of its best services always. Tourists can also choose an authorised travel guide well in advance through this tourism development portal and they can also book for rental cars during their stay in the state. Having all these things planned and booked well in advance, prevents the tourists from falling prey to the exorbitant rates quoted by the private transport and unauthorised travel guides.

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