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Ukai Dam

Located at a distance of 94 km from Surat in Gujarat, Ukai Dam is built on Tapti River. The dam is meant to provide irrigation to fields in the vicinity. It also generates hydroelectricity for the surroundings areas. Another big reason for the construction of this dam was to control floods in that area. Places close to Tapti River faced many floods in the past. This dam has helped to curtail that. The rage of the flood was such that many people migrated to other places. To avoid such migration of residential and business people, an area was reserved for a reservoir and dam. Since then, Ukai Dam has helped to save the loss of life and property. It is slowly becoming a tourist destination because of its natural beauty and the other services available here.


The geographical factors of this area around Surat were fit for the construction of a dam and for hydroelectricity power generation. After a complete study of the river and its area, a committee was made under the leadership of the CM of the state in 1965. In a short span of time, the dam was ready to serve its purpose in 1971. At present, the dam is functioning well by curtailing the flow of the river and protecting neighbouring areas. Ukai Dam also goes by the name VallabhSagar.

The Construction

Ukai Dam was built with an altitude of 80.772 meters with a length of 4972 metres, covering the full length of the River Tapti. The storage capacity of the dam is 7414.29mm3. The complete reservoir area is 612km3. This is just a little less than the BhakraNangal Dam of Punjab. Ukai dam serves as a great irrigation to more than 224 villages of the Surat region and Bharuch districts. It generates hydroelectricity at 300MW.


The locals of Surat demanded a branch canal from Ukai Dam to make use of the water in their fields. They held a Chakka Jam under the name AdivasiSangharshSamiti and terminated transportation on the road. As farming was the only option for the tribal areas of Surat, they demanded a canal from the Ukai Dam to draw water for the areas that CM Narendra Modi promised during his election campaign.


Well connected by bus, train and air, the Ukai dam is a great tourist destination. It is an earthen dam constructed out of sand and stones. The complete view of the Ukai dam is worth seeing and amazingly superb.


There are many gardens in Surat that serve recreational purposes. They have a lush plantation of trees, shrubs and decorative plants. Gardens are popular with people of the region as great picnic spots. A dense forest also covers the Ukai region. It’s worth camping.


Dam authorities have organized boat rides for people visiting the reservoir. There are four sitter pedal boats available for those who would like a spin in Tapti waters.

Fort of Songadh

Located 7 miles away from Ukai, this is a historical fort worth paying a visit for its exceptional construction. The fort is designed like a pentagon. There is also the facility of a night stay at the two government rest houses here.


This is an attractive port situated near the dam. It is mostly populated by Parsis and is a commercial hub.

Best Season to Visit

A good time to visit Ukai Dam is from October to March.

How to Get There

By Air

Surat Airport is closest to Ukai and it is located at a distance of 100km from the dam.

By Rail

Surat Railway Station is close to the dam. It connects Ukai to all major places in India.

By Road

The State Transport Corporation and private tour operators offer bus services at reasonable rates.

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Ukai Dam
Ukai Dam
Ukai Dam
Ukai Dam
Ukai Dam
Ukai Dam

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