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Kadana Dam

Kadana Dam is situated in Panchmahal district of Gujarat. It was built on Mahi River with the purpose of controlling floods in the catchment area as well as to develop better irrigation and hydropower facilities in the area. Construction of Kadana dam commenced in the year 1969 and terminated in 1979. The dam has a maximum height of 66m above the lowest point of its foundation and the top of the dam has a length of 1551m.

Constructed of earthen masonry, Kadana Dam has an installed capacity of 240 MW of electricity on a daily basis and is known to generate two hours of hydro-electricity. The dam has a catchment area of about 25, 000 square kilometers.  During the monsoons, water level in the dam increases up to a height of 412.75ft.


Kadana Dam was constructed with a million dollar funding with support from organizations such as The International Development Association (IDA) and World Bank.

Controversy Related to the Kadana Dam

Kadana Dam is surrounded by controversies related to its environmental impact. There were claims that the dam has not been effective in controlling floods nor has it been able to solve drought problems of the locals. Recently, 50 villages downstream were signaled for evacuation due to heavy floods. Locals also claimed that whenever water was released from Kadana Dam, it was directed only towards Mehsana and Kheda. As a result they tend to encounter severe drought situations. 

Tourists and Dam

This dam may not be one of the top tourist destinations in Gujarat, but a visit to the Panchmahals district in the eastern part of Gujarat will leave you surprised. This district is blessed with a slate of interesting tourist places such as Champaner-Pavagadh Archeological Park (a UNESCO world heritage site), Marideshvar Mahadev Temple, Luneshwar Mahadev Temple, Ratan Mahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary and the Jambhughoda Wild life Sanctuary. In addition, the Math Kotal and Chaiti Atham fairs are held here with great fervor. Other interesting places of note are Ram Sagar Talav and Pavagadh Hills.

One can put up at Stay-Inn Hotel and Resort or at the Badshahi Hotel in Panchmahal district. The nearest city to Panchmahal district is Godhra.


Kadana dam is located in Panchmahal district, which is situated at a distance of 166 km from Gandhinagar. Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s largest city is at a distance of 152km from Panchmahal.

Best Season to Visit

The best time to visit Kadana Dam is between October and March. Maximum temperature during summer rises up to 36 degree Celsius while minimum temperature stands at 23 degree Celsius. During the winter season maximum temperature stays at 30 degree Celsius and minimum at 15 degree Celsius.

How to Reach

By Air

At a distance of 80km is Baroda Airport. One can travel remaining distance from the airport by bus or private cars.

By Train

The nearest railway station is at Santrampur.

By Road

The state of Gujarat is well connected by roads. There is the State Transport Corporation that operates through all the cities and towns of Gujarat.

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Kadana Dam
Kadana Dam
Kadana Dam
Kadana Dam
Kadana Dam
Kadana Dam

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