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Dharoi Dam

Dharoi Dam lies in the Mehsana district of Gujarat. This gravity dam was constructed on Sabarmati River in 1978 to provide power in the state and water for irrigation. It was also meant to control floods. During a flood in the past, about 19 villages were partially submerged and 28 villages were fully submerged into its reservoir which necessitated their relocation to new villages. The dam has gradually become a major tourist spot in the state.


Dharoi Dam was built with the motive of supplying drinking water to urban areas like Ahmedabad. Official records say that water was released from this dam last in 1993. Water was released again after 12 years. It provides with water to almost half of North Gujarat. It has given Satlasana Taluka its own identity. The dam supplies pure drinking water to people in Vav Village, which lies about 8 km away from the dam.

Controversy Related to Dharoi Dam

Dharoi Dam was seen in the news in the year 2011 as its water level was reaching 188.89 metres. The danger mark is 188.90 metres, which created a concern among dam authorities. They then started releasing 97,760 cusecs of water. This was done via 10 of the 12 gates that make up this reservoir. Currently 36,000 cusecs of water flow into the dam.

Tourists and Dam

The dam has become a major tourist spot in the state over the years. People in Gujarat can comfortably speak in English, Hindi and Gujarati. Many places close to the dam are worth a visit by tourists. Vaktapur Teerth is a famous Jain temple located at Himmatnagar is a great tourist spot. The Dantiwada dam is a small distance away from the Dharoi dam. The former dam has been built on the Banas River. The Agriculture University deserves a visit too. The place depicts scenic beauty that enables the tourists to relax and be at peace.
Peace lovers can escape to Gadada Shamlaji, the place where you will find the temple of Lord Vishnu. The beautiful landscape of hills relieves your mind from stress. Idar is located in the southern part of Aravalli Range. It has a huge arch with a semi-circular dome and a 3-storied clock town that are enough to excite tourists from all over the country. A place for several Brahma and Hindu temples is Khedbrahma. The Teerth has been dedicated to Mahavir Swami. You can visit the Keerti Stambh Victory Tower, located in the heart of Palanpur. It is said that the cost of building the Stambh at that time was Rs. 40,000. The Shri Tharad Teerth is considered to be very sacred among the Jains. Accommodations are available at all these pilgrims making it convenient for the devotees to stay overnight. People from all over the country visit Adlaj, the spot well-known for its step-well named as AdlajVaj. It was previously known as Dandi Desh.

The Introda Village Deer Park enables the tourists to have a great picnic with their family and friends. The park is home to hare, jackalas, wild boar and a lot more. Camping is real fun at this place. The Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary protects and develops the wildlife of this region. The area is home to several medicinal plants. Like Kadaya, Musali and Gugal. Another important attraction is the Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary covering a total of 180 sq km. A visit to Balaram is recommended to experience the scenic beauty there. It is an amazing Hindu Pilgrim amidst the forest. A number of festivals are celebrated every year on the Balaram river side. Apart from it Bhildi and Kondar are pilgrim sites for Jains and Muslims respectively. The wonder at Koba Teerth deserves a special mention. On the 22nd of the month of May the rising sun’s rays pass through the tip and shines on the forehead of the idol of Bhagwan Mahavir Swami. You will find this beautiful teerth on the way between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, on the banks of the Sabarmati River.


Dharoi Dam is located 167 km away from Gandhinagar. It is at a distance of 188 km from Ahmedabad. You can customize your trip by stopping over at Kamalpur. There are several car rental or cab services that can take you from Idar to Dharoi Dam, a distance of 36 km. The dam can be reached from Poshina, which is at a distance of 45 km from the dam.

Best Season to Visit

Summer months can get unbearable as the average temperature in the surrounding areas of the dam becomes 40 degrees Celsius. You will experience a hot and humid climate with hot sandy winds if you choose to travel anytime between April and September. To experience pleasant weather, visit this place in the months of October to March when the average temperature ranges between 10 to 30 degrees Celsius.

How to Reach

By Air

Ahmedabad Airport is close to Dharoi Dam at a distance of 85 km. this connects the dam to all the major cities in the country.

By Train

Palanpur Railway Station lies in close proximity to Dharoi Dam.

By Road

Gujarat has many highways that run buses from the State Transport Corporation. These buses connect the Dam to all major towns in Gujarat.

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Dharoi Dam
Dharoi Dam
Dharoi Dam
Dharoi Dam
Dharoi Dam
Dharoi Dam

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