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Dantiwada Dam

The Dantiwada Dam has been constructed across the Banas River. It is situated in the outskirts of Dantiwada, in a district of Gujarat named Banaskantha. This is an earth dam. It is composite rolled and comprises a masonry spillway. The motive behind the construction of this dam was to control flood and provide water for the purpose of irrigation projects in Gujarat. The dam has a height of 61 metres and a length of 4832 metres. Several visitors from all over the country are drawn to this dam due to its scenic beauty. Visitors make sure that they visit the Balaram Ambaji Wild Life Sanctuary located near the dam. It is the dividing line between Dharoi Dam and Dantiwada Dam.


The Banas River has its origin in the Khamnor Hills, which is a tributary of the Chambal River. The river is popularly known as “Van Ki Asha” meaning hope of the forest. The river drains a basin of 45,833 km-square. It is a seasonal river that dries up during the summer months. But thanks to the Dantiwada Dam, whose construction started in 1958 and continued till 1965, the water from this river can be used for irrigation projects.

News Related to the Dantiwada Dam

This dam was in the news when it breached due to heavy flood in 1973. This happened because its flood handling capacity was exceeded by one and a half time. Saras Cranes are seen flocking to Dantiwada Dam.

Tourists and Dam

The Saraswathi and Banas rivers flow through the city of Palanpur, making it a very fertile land. People who visit the Dantiwada Dam also visit the Rajmahal, Kirti Stambh, Balaram Mahadev Temple and the Old Palace of Nawab. The Zoravar Palace deserves a special mention due to its pompous sandalwood staircase, wall paintings and the golden leaf decorative designs. Lakhs of pilgrims from Gujarat and Rajasthan visit the Gabbar Hills located near the dam close to the Rajasthan-Gujarat border.

Jami Masjid situated in Palanpur district was built during the reign of the Sultanate. It stands on high pedestal with 260 pillars that support 15 domes. Palanpur is also the place where the diamond industry of India originated. The marble quarries and copper deposits here make this town a major tourist attraction. Gujarat’s most prestigious university named Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University is also located here.

This is also the place to witness the popular folk dance Garba. This dance form is known to have originated in this region. It was performed at the hill at Ambaji and hence the name Garbhar Hill, which eventually became Gabbar Hill. The Ambaji Temple is situated at the foot of the Aravalli Range, where Goddess Ambaji is believed to reside on top of the hills. Several devotees visit this place on full-moon days as it is believed that this was the place where Goddess Sati’s heart fell as Lord Shiva was carrying her burning body.

Danta is a beautiful spot near the Ambaji Temple and Shri Kumbhariyaji Temple. Balaram is a Hindu pilgrim center located in the jungle. Bhildi is a popular Jain pilgrim site near the dam. Kondar is a place near the dam that houses the famous Husain Tekri for Azadari programs organized every second month according to the Islamic calendar.

An animal lover or not, every tourist visits the Jessore Sioth Bear Sanctuary famous for the sloth bear. Many other animals such as the sambar deer, leopards, wild boar, blue bull and a number of birds are also found here. Deer lovers should not miss out on the Indroda Village Deer Park, the ultimate landmark of the district. It is also an amazing picnic spot. Tourists can choose to camp in this park and experience life amidst wild boar, jackals, porcupine and a lot more. The Balaram Ambaji Wild Life Sanctuary in northern Gujarat is also worth a visit. The sanctuary has dry deciduous forests. It was constituted in 1989 to protect and develop wildlife and its environment.


Dantiwada Dam lies in close proximity to Deesa Railway Station. The approximate distance from Palanpur to Dantiwada Dam is 23 km equivalent to 14 miles. You can reach this place from Vadodara (279 km), Gandhinagar (151 km), Ahmedabad (166 km) and Halvad (245 km).

While travelling from Halvad to the dam tourists can stop at Manpura or Khimana. While driving from Gandhinagar tourists can stop over at Mehsana.

Best Season to Visit

During the summer months the temperature is around 23 to 44 degrees Celsius. During the winters you can expect something around 10 – 36 degrees Celsius.
Tourists can choose to visit the dam during the months of October through March to experience the best of the weather. The peak season time is in the months of October to December.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest airport to the dam is the Deesa Airport, 32 km away from the dam. It is thus accessible from all the major cities in the country.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Dantiwada Dam is Deesa Railway Station which lies in close proximity to Palanpur and Sidhpur. Thus coming from any major city like Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai and Mumbai will not be that difficult.

By Road

Dantiwada Dam can be reached from all the major cities of Rajasthan and Gujarat. There are bus services or you may choose to drive your own vehicle to reach the dam. You may travel in a taxi or even rent a car. Options are plenty. All you need to do is make a plan and find your way to Dantiwada dam.

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Dantiwada Dam
Dantiwada Dam
Dantiwada Dam
Dantiwada Dam
Dantiwada Dam
Dantiwada Dam

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