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Why Visit Delhi

Delhi has a legion of places to view, enjoy and explore to learn its culture and beauty. Being an international metropolis Delhi has splendid recreational facilities, sightseeing and more of history which takes tourists back to antiquity. Being a capital city the spread out of greenery all around is another staggering factor of Delhi. Handicrafts play a key role where crafts from nationwide can be found in Delhi. With the battalion of spots and attractiveness, it becomes befuddled for tourists where to initiate from.

With legion of interests to sightsee like museums, galleries, theatres, museums, designer wears festivals, handicrafts and lot more makes Delhi a place with plurality of choices. Though New Delhi and old Delhi are still apart, the appealingness and blinder remains the same. The latest New Delhi being updated has everything a tourist requires and also maintains its exquisiteness with old charm.

The Culturally Rich City

The city Delhi has come across a number of resplendent rulers all over its period. The reasons for the culture to be robust and affluent were due to these rulers who shaped it. While reversing a few years back, it is apparent that the Mughal emperor Shajahan changed over to the quarters of Delhi which made it majestic which is portrayed as the superlative Red Fort.

Magnificently Rich Experience Capital

If the people are inquired to key out Delhi in just one word, without doubt they would say ‘Magical’. Delhi being a commingle place of diversity and beauty, provides the visitors a dainty travel experience. Delhi has always had the fame for being the best tourist spot and will persist to hold the same name. The top tourist spot has the capability to enrapture the most enthusiastic traveler from across the globe.

Royal Past Culminates In Royal Present

The cultural terms are a rich factor of Delhi which is confirmed with the mention of University of Delhi. Delhi also possesses a multitude of diversity and yet is a melting pot of culture. Holding the prestigious identification the capital of India, Delhi is most high-flown than envisaged. The motley of cities and views which are spectacular, Delhi stands to be a perfect example for tradition and modernity.

Shop till you Drop- It’s Delhi

Delhi is the spot where you can impress your dear ones by purchasing heaps of things. This also stands to be a major fact which has pushed Delhi to be the capital city with its vivacious and worthwhileness. Any traveler to Delhi would be made more copious with the howling shopping which can be done at any place and at any time.

The Forgotten Charms of Purani Dilli

The most romantic Emperor of the Mughlai period called Shajahan was the one who primitively built up Shahjahanabad, Old Delhi. At that spot are a number of mosques, monuments of colossal red sandstone, and forts which depict the opulent history of Mughlai’s. Apart from this the colorful, pullulating and rattling bazaars, scarcely controlled bedlam, and mazy streets are few more. The Chandni Chowk is another place to be visited where the lanes are slim echoing with everlasting odor of old books at one side and parathas on the other side. 'Son-et-lumiere' is another important place to be visited at the Red fort, where the light and sound shows are factors which brings in Mughal era in front of your eyes and enthusiastic ears.

Green Garden City of New Delhi

It was during the early 20th century when New Delhi was developed by the British. Edwin Lutyens was a prominent British architect who planned to make Delhi an authoritative mark for the British Empire. To conquer the high end Delhi summer; it was believed that the garden city had spreading trees lined up throughout avenues and bungalows lime washed. The truth is that the, plans which were made earlier works out today where the central parts of Delhi are quite cooler than the outer boundary.  Another striking factor to be noticed about Delhi is that the complex geometric plan of the city is more or less the same as the regional British capitals such as Pretoria, Ottawa, and Canberra. The truth is that Delhi depicts a flawless blend of Indian fundamentals with international designs.

Exotic Sights

To discourse about the bizarre sights, Delhi with its vibrant land has a number of historical monuments extravasated which sings the departed glory even today. When visitors take a look at these monuments almost all hearts are inspired by its beauty, few of us bow and respect the divinities, and most of us are blandished by the architectural development of the ancient period. Purani Dilli or Old Delhi is an exotic place as it stands to be the initial point of architecture which holds the enthralling Red Fort which is famed to hold its name in the Seven Wonders of the World apart from Taj Mahal and Jamma Masjid which is ambrosial. Mehrauli is the first city of Delhi which is positioned towards the South side and was born during the 12th and 13th centuries. The place is also famed for holding the glorious tower called Qu tub Minar which is an imperishable Delhi icon. Don’t forget to include the world Heritage Tomb Humayun’s tomb and Jantar Mantar to your list. These two places are the observatory spots used by the famed Sawai Man Singh to monitor the motilities of other celestial bodies.

What Makes For a Holiday

When you take a deep look of the Delhites, they are usually people who are cognoscenti of good food. This was evolved as a tradition of the old centuries when old culture and tradition were interchanged. Delhi food holds its own exclusive taste and has increased international status, where a few of their outlandish dishes and customary cuisines are a treat for visitors to Delhi during holidays. Dishes from Chinese to continental are available along with a grandest aroma of ‘kebabs’ and more. The recipes have travelled down from centuries which have made the Food of Delhi an exceptional one.

For people who desire to pick a Kashmiri carpet or a Buddha antique, remember that Delhi has a legion of stores, which have been in this industry for hundreds of years and agents are also available who can get you there. Shopping options are plenty when you consider Delhi with unique items available at every nook and corner of Delhi. Tourists are delighted to view complete Delhi as a shopping mall with everything available at reasonable rates.

Places to Visit in Delhi

India Gate: A memory of the soldiers who lost their lives during the world war one, where their names are graved on it. The most important India Gate has downy green lawn around perfect for evenings for young and old people.

Chandni Chowk: Shahjahanabad, the Legacy for New Delhi was built up by the founder and developer of Taj Mahal. The place holds the esteemed Red Fort as a focus and Jamma Masjid as a praying center. The tremendous Chandni Chowk market is famed as it shines under the moon light and delights the visitors. Shahjahan planned for this specific market for her beloved daughter to shop all that she required. Canals were used to divide and partition the market which resembled like silver amidst the moonlight. The canals are closed but Chandni Chowk still holds the name to be the largest Asia’s whole sale market.

Red fort: Old Delhi has the ramparts of Red Fort, where its construction was taken place during 1639 at the time of Shajahan’s shift of capital from New Delhi to Agra. It took eight years for Shajahan to complete Shahjahanabad along with Red Fort-Qila-i-Mubarak (fortunate citadel). This was New Delhi’s seventh fort with all its splendid beauty ready to welcome the new emperor. The beauty of Red Fort still holds its ancient glory and depicts the variations, fall of Mughals, the rule of British and finally Indian independence.

Akshardham: the temple is an attractive spot, which resides on the unspoiled banks of river Yamuna. It just took five years where a number of volunteers and artisans worked to make the temple a gorgeous and grand spot for Indian traditional temple architecture.

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