Delhi is the place, where there are a number of finest and well-resourced stadiums in India. The city houses a vast number of recreational places as well as the regular clubs, restaurants, movie theatres and discotheques, as only source of leisure. This is where stadiums come in forming a major part of the city’s recreational or leisure pursuit.

The stadium offers entertainment and fun, even as National games or International games are held here. The place soon becomes the favourite spot of locals and foreigners alike, wherein they can also play their favourite game or sports.

The sports addict or fan can enjoy and de-stress at the stadium, either by playing or watching the game. They would prefer that to other entertainment options made available.

In the meanwhile, the government helps to set up more stadiums. They would also go on to offer more specific or flexible facilities and services for these stadiums. Spread across the city, the stadium also contributes to develop the sports people of India.

Stadiums form the best place, where the talented sports persons can go on to exhibit the talents and sports skills to the maximum. In the meanwhile, we can go on to see that to a large extent the stadiums in Delhi are shaped like a horse shoe. It comes fitted with best infrastructure and facilities, in an attempt to hold sports or games.

Some of the major sports conducted at the stadiums are cricket, hockey, badminton, basketball, football or tennis. At the same time, the Commonwealth Games 2010 were as well held in these stadiums in October, thus providing a platform for other sports to show off their talent, especially when cricket is held in higher regard as compared to other kind of sports in Delhi.

People coming from different culture and background, religion or caste well versed or proficient in sports come together to play as a team for the country, at the stadium, thus displaying their versatility.

The stadium has the capacity to hold a big audience, as it covers a huge area of grass fields and tracks for athletes inclusive of infrastructure equipped with top notch amenities, catering to both outdoor and indoor games.

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