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Lahore Gate

Lahori Gate lies near the Red Fort of Delhi. It is the fort’s chief entrance. Its other side leads to Chandni Chowk of Delhi. It is believed that the gate led to Lahore city of Punjab, which is now in Pakistan.

There is a famous Lahori Bazaar around the area. Every year, since 1947, the Prime Minister of India hosts the Indian flag on the Independence Day, August 15, and delivers a speech from the gate’s ramparts. The Government of India had increased the gate’s security during the 1980s by blocking its tower windows to prevent sniper attacks. A lift was also built to the gate.


Lahori Gate was constructed by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan. This is one of the 14 gates of the Shahjahanabad city of Delhi. Most of the gates have disappeared today, except Lahori Gate, Kashmere Gate, Ajmeri Gate, and Mori Gate.


Lahori Gate features three storeys. Each has a rectangular, square, and cusped arched panel. The panels feature a semi-octagonal tower, which contain two open octagonal pavilions at the top.

Lahori Gate is made of red sandstone, except the pavilion roofs, which are made of white sandstone. There is a screen of tiny “chhatris” between the two pavilions. They feature seven tiny marble domes.

Emperor Aurangzeb built a 10.5 meter high barbican at the gate, with its entrance to the north. Historical reports say that, during his house arrest, Shah Jahan, criticized this structure by saying, “You have made a fort a bride and set a veil on it.”

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Delhi is from October to March.

How to Reach

Delhi is well connected to major cities of India through airways, railways, and roadways. The nearest metro station to Lahori Gate is Chandni Chowk Metro station. Visitors can also hail autorickshaws, cabs, and local buses.

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