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Connaught Place

Connaught Place, which is located at the heart of New Delhi, is the most happening place in the capital city of India. Very well planned and structured, Connaught Place reflects the British style of architecture. It is one of the most glamorous places in Delhi and people prefer coming here for fun, entertainment and shopping. It comprises of three circles - inner, outer and middle circle. Now, the inner circle has been renamed as Rajiv Chowk, after the former Indian Prime Minister who got assassinated in 1991 while the outer one has been renamed as Indira Chowk after Indira Gandhi. There are a total of seven streets which radiate from Connaught Place and these are divided into blocks.

It is easily visible on the map of Delhi because of its circular structure and one can see several roads plying from different points on the circumference of Connaught Place. Connaught place is considered as the fourth most expensive office destination in the world.

Markets in Connaught Place

Connaught Place has always remained one of the most sought after destinations for both, the residents of Delhi as well as the tourists. Connaught Place provides the best platform and resources to shop with surplus options. It is flooded with numerous marketing complexes and shops where you can buy anything and everything. The unique specialty and the aura of the place ensure that you do not return empty handed whenever you go there. Some of the major showrooms in Connaught Place sell handicrafts, branded clothing and shoes, Indian fabrics, household goods, books, sports items and imported electronic goods etc.

One can find everything in the markets of Connaught Place ranging from a grocery store to a lavish car showroom. Cinema halls are also there in Connaught Place which provides perfect entertainment to the visitors.

The main markets around Connaught Place are Palika Bazaar and Janpath. These markets cater perfectly to the need of latest fashion trends of youth and suit to all pockets. Palika Bazaar, located on the inner circle of Connaught Place, attracts a large number of tourists as it offers a unique peculiarity of a spectacular shopping experience under one roof.

History of Connaught Place

Connaught Place was built in 1933 under the British rule in India but its construction was initiated in 1929. It has been modeled after England's Royal Crescent located in Bath. It was named after the third son of Queen Victoria, the Duke of Connaught. Prior to its construction, this area was covered by Kikar trees and was occupied by wild pigs and jackals.  When Britishers planned to develop a market in this area, they evacuated the villages like Raja ka Bazaar, Jaisingh Pura and Madhoganj. After the evacuation, construction was started for a unique marketplace.

It was originally designed to bear the resemblance to two concentric rings featuring Georgian Architecture. It developed as a circular structure resembling the share of horseshoe as the Britishers thought that the circular structure of the market will be beneficial for both shoppers and the shopkeepers and thus they developed in the circular way.

It also possesses a beautifully manicured park in its centre where squirrels can scurry around, picnickers can eat and couples can canoodle. When Connaught Place came into being in the form of a sprawling circular market, it was the first of its kind in the entire country.

Connaught Place Specialty

Connaught Place lures its every visitor with an amazing shopping spur and its exotic design. The specialty of the place lies in its multi-dimensional environment, where you can easily find shopping centers, bars, restaurants, hotels and other marketing establishments.

The road side handicraft shops, the cafes, the restaurants and the dynamic crowd add to the glory of this popular and very historic place. Connaught Place has emporiums hailing from every state of India selling regional handicrafts and artifacts to the visitors.

Eating Joints at Connaught Place

Connaught Place has been composed by three circles - inner, outer and middle circles. The outer circle of Connaught Place possesses a wonderful spree of cafes and restaurants. Food lovers find this place as the ultimate destination which has endless variety and incredible quality to offer.

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