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There Is Always Fun.. Layer upon layers...This Is What We Like To Call As Delhi's Fairs

If you want to witness how Indians celebrate each and every special moment in their lives, you must visit Delhi. This is the place where celebrations are larger than life. The citizens of Delhi do not need any specific reason to celebrate.  Every single festival – irrespective of caste, creed and religion, is celebrated here with great fervour. It is not surprising that Delhi has been widely recognised as the cultural capital of the country. Here you can find people belonging to diverse communities participating in all the festivals that their friends, colleagues, apartment neighbours and others in the same festive vigour and enjoyment that they do in their own families. During these festivals, Delhi dons a different hat altogether. The city is adorned with stalls and markets that sell flowers, decorative materials, lights and all other products that are widely used for celebrating festivals. One of the major highlights of the fairs and festivals that are celebrated in Delhi is the camaraderie that we get to witness among the citizens. These festivals bring out the love and affection of people in its fullest form.  The main concepts of the festivals celebrated in Delhi are sharing and caring.

Pragati Maidan in Delhi is one of the major and most sought after avenues for conducting fairs. The largest fair in Delhi, India International Trade Fair (IITF), is conducted at this very venue. Apart from this, there are other fairs like Auto Expos, Book Fairs, handicraft fairs and many other fairs are hosted in this venue. During these fairs, many high-quality food stalls are being put up that excite even the harshest food critic. Overall, Delhi is that place that will never cease to make you happy, as there is always a positive energy reverberating here.

The Festive Heart of India In A Nut Shell

When you visit Delhi during the month of February, you are sure to sink in the colourful ambience of the place, as this is the time for the major festival, Holi. During Holi, people apply colour on each other’s faces and dresses, enjoy with water and colour powder with all their friends, colleagues and even strangers, conduct parties at their homes, which serve as perfect bonding time among family members. During the month of November, Diwali, the festival of lights, is celebrated in a grand way. It is this time of the year when almost all the houses in Delhi are lit beautifully and the whole atmosphere gets recharged completely during this time. During December, Christmas is celebrated in Delhi in a gala manner, just like it is celebrated globally. However the major difference in the celebrations in Delhi is that even non-Christians join in the celebrations here. The entire city is filled with the aroma of plum cakes and decorations of Christ the King, reindeers and the like. The city is covered in a sea of red and white during this time. Come January and it is the Republic Day! The real effect and feel of Republic Day can be felt only in Delhi at Rajpath.

Suraj Kund Fair - A Sojourn of India's Village Life

Tourists visit the tiny village of Suraj Kund in large numbers during the month of February; because this is the time a famous fair is conducted here. This fair, known as the Suraj Kund Fair showcases the talent and expertise of the rural craftsmen and artisans in the best possible way. From this fair, you can purchase exquisite handicrafts and other items at rock-bottom prices. This is basically a crafts fair with quite a few stalls that offer delicious, affordable and hygienic food. You will never know how time flies when you come here as you will be entertained all through the day by folk performances and some truly scintillating talent from the local artisans. Located at about 8km from Delhi, Suraj Kund village, a part of the earlier city of Tughlaqabad, is a must-visit place for people who have an eye for handicrafts and folk culture.

International Trade Fair - Shake Hands with the Globe

Are you looking for a fair that represents India quite beautifully under one roof? You must, by all means, attend the grand International Trade Fair in Delhi that is conducted every year in the month of November. This fair runs for 13 days and draws a large number of international and domestic tourists purely because of its rich diversity. Lots of international business houses take part in this fair and you will be exposed to some big names here. In addition to this, you will get a feel of the dressing style, culture, lifestyle, and food habits of the different states in the country.

International Mango Festival - Tasty, Yummy And Fun

Held during the month of July at the Talkatora Gardens, the International Mango Festival is a huge tourist attraction in Delhi. Hundreds of mango lovers from all over the globe attend this fair to witness a large collection of mangoes. The mangoes that are seen in this fair belong to various states and have unique tastes of their own. Interested people can also purchase mango saplings during this fair and they will receive professional training as to how to maintain it properly. These gardens are located on the Baba Karak Singh Marg, which is a picture of plush green lands – a real respite from the frightening pace of the urban locales of Delhi.

Wrap Yourself In The Colours of Festivals

Tourists who love to study the culture of India in deep detail, should visit Delhi during the times these fairs and festivals are celebrated. Combining both modern techniques and traditional culture, the celebrations in Delhi have a special touch of positive energy in them. The local markets that are set up during the fairs house some of the most exquisite products that are made by highly talented rural craftsmen.  Great handicraft products, artefacts, souvenirs and other antique items can be purchased from these fairs at affordable prices. The Tourism Department of Delhi cooperates to a great extent during these times to ensure that guests and organisers find it highly comfortable to reach the venues.

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