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Station Facilities

Efficient Security Checks

The internal security of the Delhi Metro by Govt of India is undertaken by the Central Industrial Security Force. CISF offers undisturbed and speedy security check as it is done by baggage scanners, door frame metal detectors as well as convenient hand held metal detectors.

Meanwhile, if one needs to give any feedback or complaint against CISF, one can contact the CISF/DMRC helpline number 22185555 and email Id [email protected].  One can as well send a written complaint to CISF at the address given below. It is:

DIG Office
Shastri Park

The law and order subject remains with Delhi Metro Rail Police (DMRP)/Local police.

Token Vending Machine (TVM) and Add Value Machine (AVM)

  • Add Value Machine (AVM)-The stations are fitted AVMs, so that the commuter can authenticate the add value done on Contactless Smart Cards with the help of online transaction. Currently, about 39 AVM are operational at 13 stations.

List of stations with AVMs

  • Token Vending Machine (TVM)- TVMs, in the meanwhile are set up at stations, so that the travellers can save time and go on to buy tokens/ and also top up the Contactless Smart Cards, without having to form a queue. Currently , about 177 TVMs are put up at 77 stations.

List of stations with TVMs


Lifts are there, so that passengers can have undisturbed passage between varied levels of stations, mainly so for the differently abled as well as for old people or the ill passengers. They are designed in such a way, that makes it easy for visually or hearing impaired travellers as well as for wheel chair using commuters.


Escalators are fitted at the Delhi Metro for the ease and speed of the travellers that wish to move vertically between varied levels of the stations. .


Ramps are set up, so that passengers using the wheel chairs can move easily in and around the station, as well as enter or exit it without much trouble.

Extra Wide AFC Gates

For the convenience of the passengers using wheel chairs to move around, one can find wide Automatic Fare Collection Gates at a large number of the stations.

Wheel Chairs

To make it easy for the sick or differently abled travellers to move around the station as well as for them to move to and from trains, wheel chairs are offered at the stations. One can call up either the Customer Care Center, the CISF staff or the Delhi Metro Helpline at 155370 to get this facility.

First Aid Box

First Aid Box can be obtained at all the stations, so that first aid can be given to the passengers, if ever required. The entire station staff as well as the Train operators have the training and own the certificate to offer first aid services.


Travellers if required can make use of any of the ATMs that are seen at the stations.  A large number of the well known banks and financial institutions have been set up at some of the stations.

List of Stations with ATM

Eating Joints

A wide range of Indian as well as multinational brands have set up the eating outlets at the stations. The commuters will get fresh and hygienic food. One should also take care to not eat or drink at the metro stations, as it is not permitted.


Most of the toilets are positioned at the circulating area within the stations. Meanwhile, at the upcoming stations, the toilets are also located in the paid section. One can also see special toilets for the use of differently abled people at a large number of the stations.

Shopping Avenues

For the ease of shopping for the passengers, one can find a large number of multiple brands as well as other well known brands that have opened shop at the stations.

Facilities for Lady Passengers

For the convenience of the women passengers, Delhi Metro has reserved a compartment specially for them. Normally, the first car of the train based on its direction is set for the ladies, in Red, Yellow and Blue lines while the common cars are marked in Green and Violet lines.

In the meantime, at the platforms one can find appropriate signs to indicate if the reserved car normally halts there. Apart from this, one can also find special reserved seats for women, even in other regular compartments.

Parking Facilities

About 91 of the Metro Stations have parking lots, so that the passengers can park their vehicles at the station and opt for the Metro service. The parking lots, are outsourced to contractors who are in charge of the security of all the vehicles in the parking lot. In case of any theft or any damage to the vehicles, the contractors are likely to pay the compensation.

DMRC is likely to oversee the smooth functioning  and adherence to provisions made in contract by the contractors.

DMRC which encompass a big network of about 193 km is the sole example of how a big technically complex infrastructure can be completed before time as well as within the budget fixed by the government agency.

List of Stations with Parking Facility

Parking Charges

Types of Vehicles Parking Charges Monthly charges Night charges (Extra) (00:00 hrs to 05:00 hrs) 
Up to 6 hrs. Up to 12 hrs. More Than 12 hrs. Daily  Monthly
Cars/SUV/Taxis/Taxi 20 30 40 1000 40 1000
Two Wheelers/Auto rickshaws (Scooter, Motorbike.)  10 15 20 475 20 475
Cycle  3 4 5 45 5 45 

Facilities for Women Passengers

Delhi Metro  works to provide security to Women Passengers. Catering to the needs of a woman, Delhi Metro has reserved a car, especially for women travellers.

Delhi Metro has made some provisions with the intent to offer safe and convenient travelling experience to women travellers. They are:

  • Special reserved coach for women in each of the trains
  • Reserved seats for women in all the coaches
  • 250 rupees fine for any man boarding the ladies compartment
  • No tolerance for alcoholics and trouble makers
  • CCTV facility at the platforms, stations and in some train coaches
  • CISF patrolling the platform after sunset hours
  • Deploy Quick reaction teams so as to capture the lawbreaker
  • Ladies staff in CISF at the stations to frisk the lady passengers
  • CISF team in the trains checking to see if men have boarded the ladies compartment
  • For the first week of every month special drive has been launched
  • At certain stations, such as Central Secretariat-Badarpur and Inderlok-Mundka stations, the trains are send back reversed from the same platform.For this reason, same coach is reserved for the ladies in whichever direction w.e.f.16.02.13.

Facilities for Differently Abled Passengers

Delhi Metro is one of the first Public transport system in India that comes equipped with sufficient features fit for differently abled persons. It Includes:


The train is equipped with audio/visual indication of the door closing. One can also get to know the next station, as well as in which platform it arrives and from which side are some of the details from the announcements made.

At the same time, station staff all the time keep track of the movement of passengers. It also gives assistance  to the differently abled people, who may be in need of help.

DMRC bagged the National Award for exceptional work in creating the Barrier Free Environment for the Persons with Disabilities in the Year 2008.

  • DMRC help line (Helpline no:155370) receives nearly 80 to 85 monthly requests to help the people with disabilities.
  • DMRC also offers undisturbed services to the people with the disabilities. In the meantime, in an attempt to make the stations and trains more accessible to people with disabilities, DMRC collaborates with “Samarthyam”, an NGO.

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