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World Buddhist Center

Place For Quiet Reflection

There are several Buddhist centers in New Delhi but the World Buddhist Center stands out from them all because of its amazing ambience and the high quality information they provide about Buddhism to those who are interested in knowing more about this religion.

Destination and History

World Buddhist Center is located east of Kailash in New Delhi and is a popular destination among tourists and locals who follow Buddhism or are interested in knowing more about Buddhism. It is a non-sectarian Buddhist place of worship which was established in 1996 under the guidance and direction of Nakamura Gyomyo. The temple has emerged as the favorite destination of those looking for place where they can pray peacefully in a serene setting. The temple is open to everyone irrespective of religion or the faith they follow.

The Facilities

The Buddhist center offers guests with a well-maintained facility where they can rest and have a highly relaxing experience. Those who want to stay and meditate can book rooms in advance at the facility or through online resources.

The World Buddhist Center offers a clean and calm environment for meditation. In addition, the guests can also use other facilities such as the conference room, lecture hall, meditation room and dining room designed in Japanese style. The center serves three vegetarian meals everyday in the dining room.

The center also has a well-designed air-conditioned lobby. Visitors can avail of the professional travel assistance provided by the center. They also offer airport pick-up and drop off facility. Visitors can gain knowledge about Buddhism from the residential spiritual consultant. Buddhist studying facilities are also available at the center through a full-fledged library where English and Japanese literatures are stocked in abundance.

What Visitors Can Expect

The World Buddhist Center’s staff and resident monastic include individuals from countries such as Nepal, Japan and Canada and of course from India as well. Visitors to the center can get assistance from the staff about their dietary concerns, travel details, sightseeing and other miscellaneous things they might need assistance in. The resident monks offer free guidance and consultation to guests and visitors.

The temple inside the center has specially designated space for meditation and yoga. Prayer services are held every morning and evening where visitors can meditate or get their queries on Buddhism answered by the resident monk. Private air-conditioned accommodations with either two or three beds are available. Additional beds can be requested for accommodating larger groups. The waiting room is fully air-conditioned and also has Wi-Fi service.

How To Reach

World Buddhist Center is located East of Kailash in New Delhi and is just five kilometers from the Bus Terminal ISBT. It is 10 km from New Delhi Railway Station and 5 km from Nizamudin Railway Station. The nearest airport is New Delhi International Airport which is 16 km from the place.

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