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Boating and water sports are very common in Delhi, mainly so because of the large number of man made as well as natural lakes spread across the city.  Is it any wonder then that boat rides like paddling, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, rides in speeding motor boats or rides in water scooters are main form of entertainement available at cheap costs? One can choose from any of the the boats available in all sizes and shapes inclusive of aircraft, Scooter, crocodiles, dinosaurs and even ducks.

Famous Boating Places in Delhi

Boat Club, India Gate

India Gate is often described as the most important monument of Delhi, all the rage with the tourists and locals alike. In the meantime, the monument as well as its premises are also said to be a largely attractive and happening place, located spot on at the centre of the city. At the same time the city is also filled with beautiful and pleasing locations such as the huge open spaces with fountains, rolling greens as well as canal, that flows parallel to Rajpath. In the meantime, the boat club mentioned as the best hangout center for friends, family and couples can house about nineteen row boats as well as twenty paddle boats. The costs for the boat rides are really low, charging a person Rs 50 for a boat ride of fifteen minutes, while the 30 mins ride would cost Rs,100 respectively. The boat rides are open to public from 2-9pm daily.

India Gate | New Delhi-01

Old Fort

Purana Qila, one of the oldest landmarks almost thousands of years old is at present in ruins. According to claims of some of the anthropologists, the Qila is expcted to date back to Mahabharata Period. It has also seen consecutive sovereigns and invaders of Delhi. In the meantime, close to the Qila is situated the appealing lake, where tourists are charged Rs 20 each for a boat ride of fifteen minutes.

Old Fort | New Delhi-06

Sanjay Lake

One of the artificially created lakes, encompassing a huge 176 Acres, known as the Sanjay Lake is placed very strategically in East of Delhi and is the best location for all boating fans, where they can spend a large part of their day.

Bhalswa Lake

One another location popular among tourists in Delhi is the sports complex known as the Bhalswa Lake, prominent for the varied amenities for water sports offered here. Other than the simple paddling, other boating facilities offered includes canoeing, rowing, Kayaking and so on. One can have at the lake and enjoy the water scooter rides as well as hovercrafts, to be launched in near future in order cater to the sporting requirement  of the Delhi locals.

Bhalswa Lake | Jahangirpura, New Delhi-84

Naini Lake

In the meantime, one other place for entertainment is the Naini Lake, located in the charming Lake in Model Town, in Delhi. Tourists can opt for Shikara Rides, here at the rate of 120 rs for two rides, or for going round the lake twice. A pleasant and interesting experience as a whole, this Shikara ride can accommodate 6 adults and a child. In the meanwhile, one could also opt for the paddle boating for 30 minutes for two people at the cost of Rs50.

Naini Lake | Model Town II, New Delhi-09


At the same time, the much popular location of Surajkund is located some twenty kilometres away from Delhi. Meanwhile, the yearly International Crafts Mela at Surajkund attracts attention of the theatre artists from all over India and from overseas as well. There is also a lake in the area, which can be covered by boating. This lake, an artificially created catchement was manufactured by Raja Surajmal in the 10th century.

Surajkund Lake | Haryana-09

Damdama Lake

Located in Haryana, some sixty kilometres away from Delhi, the Damdama Lake houses thousands of cranes in addition to water fowls such as the Kingfisher, as well. The lake, also offers a breathtaking boating expedition to the tourists.

Damdama Lake | Damdama Lake Rd, Sohna, Haryana-03

Swarna Jayanti Park

Popularly known as the gem in the crown of Rohini, the Japanese park named the Swarna Jayanti Park is an appealing haven for the worn-out and drained localites in Delhi. Largely considered as one of the biggest parks in the city, the Japanese Park covers about 250 acres of Land encompassing a large number of gardens, play grounds and lakes. All these locations are linked together easily via the treks used for jogging spread across the area. At the same time, the park is considered as a prime example of a landscape design housing a few number of lakes within its premises as well as offers water sports activites such as boating to the tourists. One can opt for either the pedal boats or else the Shikaras, known as the Kashmiri boats. The rates for the boating are subject to change, based on the type of boats opted for.

Swarna Jayanti Park | Sector 10, Rohini, New Delhi-85

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