The numerous mouthwatering sweet items made in Chandigarh are sure to titillate your taste buds. Roh Di Kheer, is a preparation made by cooking rice in sugarcane juice. This is the most popular sweet dish of Chandigarh. Some other desserts popular in this area include jalebi, baalushahiand malpua  so make sure you don’t forget to taste these while you are in Chandigarh.

  • GajarKahalwa
  • GulabJamun
  • BadaamHalwa
  • Badaam Kheer
  • Rassogolla
  • Coconut Ladoo

Gajar Ka Halwa

GajarKaHalwa is An Indian pudding that has its roots in the state of Punjab in India and Pakistan. Grated carrot is added a specific amount of water, sugar and milk. Then it is cooked by stirring regularly. This dessert is garnished with almonds and pistachios that give it a rich texture. These nuts are first sautuues in Ghee which a form clarified butter found in South Asia.

Now GajarKaHalwa is popular not only in India but it is known worldwide. It has variations likeCarrot and Beetroot Halwa, Red Velvet Halwa and Cheesy Carrot Halwa.

Gulab Jamun

GulabJamun, a popular cheese based Indian sweet dish is a lot like a dumpling. Apart from India, it is well known in other countries of the Indian sub continent like Sri Lanka,Pakistan,Bangladesh and Nepal. This dessert is popularly known as Jag-Mohan in Nepal where it is served with or without yogurt.  Traditionally, freshly curdled milk is used to get milk solids, or Khoya in India, from which GulabJamun is made. Small balls are made out of dough kneaded from these and a pinch of flour. Once these small balls are shaped, they are deep fried at around 148°C. The sugar syrup in which these deep fried balls are soaked is flavored with rosewater and green cardamom, kewra or saffron.GulabJamun mix is also available in the market. GulabJamun is one Indian dessert that is served in most birthday parties and wedding.

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