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Dance In Chandigarh

Chandigarh is known for its finest folk dances that are performed during harvest festivals, weddings and other occasions. As most of the people living here are Punjabi, therefore you can find a similar glimpse in songs and folk dances of Chandigarh. Everyone loves music and dance is the best way to celebrate and have great fun. No matter what the occasion is but Punjabi’s are always ready to dance and enjoy festivals and gatherings.  Though all types of folk dances are popular but two very famous ones are Bhangra and Giddha. Not only the Punjabi’s but even other people are getting attracted towards these dance forms which are really exciting and full of energy.

Folk Dances

Chandigarh has a rich culture and tradition that is why its folk dances are so popular among the people. Even today, many states like Haryana are adopting this dance form and incorporating it in parties, weddings and festivals. Some of the best folk dances that are popular in Chandigarh are Giddha, Sammi, Bhangra, Teeyan, Jhumar, Gatka, Dhamal, Luddi, Kikili, Julli and Dankara.

Famous Dances


Dhamal is a special folk dance that is performed by men during the harvest festival. This dance form begins with one person starting it while the other people will just follow the steps and enjoy this harvest festival in a unique way. This dance is incomplete without the sticks which is also known as shuntis and wrapped with tinsel from both ends. All men collect together in a semi circle and seek blessings of Lord Ganesh followed by Goddess Bhavani, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesh.


Another very popular dance form is Bhangra.  It is not only popular in Chandigarh and India but also in other countries. This dance form is considered to be the king of all dances thus combining many other dances like hip hop, international dance form and reggae. Bhangra is usually done with a Dhol that is played by one person while others dance to its tune. A scintillating atmosphere is created all around and you will surely love how people enjoy them. It is the best dance suitable for any occasion like festivals, weddings and harvest occasions.

Bhangra is known for its fast movements that make the performance more energetic. Unlike Dhamal which is done only be men, Bhangra can be done by males as well as females. Different kinds of steps are performed one after the other in such a way that everyone loves it. It is quite difficult to maintain the same energy throughout the music but the enthusiasm of people is definitely worth seeing. Punjabi’s are really fluent in this dance form and can dance for any number of hours.


The next dance form which is highly popular is Giddha.  Being a traditional folk dance, it is a great way to show your feeling and portray your happiness. The dance begins with slow movements but as the tempo goes up, the movements become fast as well as vigorous. It is a complete entertainment for people and you can explore such dance performances exclusively in Chandigarh and other regions of Punjab. Giddha is not all about dancing but it also includes enacting the verses to impress the people. This is usually done by women while men dance to the tunes of the Dhol.  Giddha is performed in a circle with men, women and kids moving in a circle and doing their steps. It is definitely a fun filled performance and a great way to enjoy yourself. Boliyan is also a popular part of Giddha which is really loved by people.

Music Used for Dance

The above dance forms are usually done on Haryanvi folk music which is perfect for these types of dances. These songs say a lot about the bravery of soldiers, portray the element of romance, say short stories and lots more. It is an interesting way to express your feelings in a dance form. Even instruments are also combined to add a real effect to your dance. Such instruments include dholak, sarangi, nagara, flute and many more that add charm to every dance performance.

Administration Towards Dance

Owing to diverse culture and traditions, Culture Department, Chandigarh Administration is trying its best to promote the art by organizing a number of activities that can be showcased on national as well as international level. Workshops are organized for singing, dancing, art, painting etc. Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi and in Kala Kendra, Chandigarh is also supporting the administration in promoting the cultural activities in front of other cities and states.

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