Chandigarh Transport Corporation

The undertaking of Chandigarh transport is supervised by the Home Secretary who is the Transport secretary also. The Transport director looks after the daily management, who is helped by three general managers and managers along with other additional staff. Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) was started with a fleet of 30 buses only in 1966 now the fleet has 417 buses in all.


Out of total 417 buses, 209 buses cater the needs of suburban/local commuters and 208 buses ply on routes connecting other states like Haryana, Punjab, U.P., Uttaranchal, Himachal, Delhi, J&K and Rajasthan. CTU buses on road cover about 1.30 lac km daily and about 1.5 lakh passengers’ daily commute in these CTU buses.


The ratio of CTU’s staff per bus is just 5:54 (employees to passenger) and minimum in the country with respect to Delhi (9:16), Ahmadabad (10:33), Mumbai (10:99) and Kolkata (11:66).


The operational staff and their daily duties with buses, ticketing account system, maintenance of buses, GPF maintenance of class- IV employees, overtime and travelling allowances, daily cash maintenance and salaries etc. have completely been computerized and all programme are operational online. Depot-III and its computerization are in progress. 

Social Services

CTU is giving free travelling facilities in its buses to freedom Fighters, Blind persons, Thalessemia patients, War widows with one helper for every category along with journalists within Chandigarh UT area. Concession travelling has also been provided to senior citizens, handicapped persons, CTU buses employees and students within the area of Union Territory. Please refer Citizen Charter for getting detailed information’s.

Local Bus Operation

Grid Transport System has been introduced on local routes for reducing the travelling time of the commuters by Chandigarh Transport Undertaking.

Local Transportation in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a well maintained and planned city which has lots of parking space, maintained roads all over the city making it for very easy for private vehicles also to explore the city well. Chandigarh local transport routes can be understood by different road maps.

CTU operates an admirable local bus service and serves the matchless means of cheap transportation within city. CTU buses also extend interstate bus services to all adjoining states. The traffic rules in Chandigarh are being given utmost importance to follow and hoardings have been displayed at important places. Chandigarh has also a traffic park where traffic workshop is held to educate people about traffic rules and safety. Auto-rickshaws and Rickshaws are also available within city.


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