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Open Hand Monument

Often wrongly considered as merely a sign and signature of the city of Chandigarh, the Open Hand Monument is actually much more than just that. Le Corbusier, a designer from France used such details and philosophy behind this that men are still puzzled about its actual meaning. \ The Open Hand Monument stands gracefully in the Sector 1 Area of the city. Planned as an integral part of the city, this is undoubtedly the deserving symbol and emblem of the city

Purpose of Open Hand Monuments

It would be sinister to compare this monument with any other in the country as the designers had a strong reason behind its creation. Le Corbusier who was working in the place during its overall designing had meticulously planned this architectural marvel. The French designer designed it as a place that would allow gatherings of general masses to use this place to discuss the various social and civil issues that they feel are worth discussing in public. It was hence thought that this place would serve as the centre of social change that would be initiated by the locals of the city for the improvement of Chandigarh.


Crafted entirely out of fine metal, the Open Hand Monument stands at a daunting height of 26 metres above the level of ground. The architect also decided that the hand would be allowed to rotate and it hence moves according to the direction and force of the wind. The Open Hand Monument remains to be the only emblem of a city in the nation. The Symbol of the emblem says ‘Open to Give – Open to Receive’.

Visiting the Monuments

This monument lies in the major restricted area which also is a high security zone due to the presence of the High Court, Vidhan Sabha and Civil Secretariat being at a close proximity to it.  Earlier, there were restrictions and a number of security barricades on the way to enter the monument but now, the government has relaxed the rules and a free entry allows you to enter the space from one side.

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