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Never be short of money. “Shop till you drop”. Enjoy Chandigarh to the fullest. Use ATMs wherever you go and make your travel and staying - convenient and comfortable in this wonderful city.

When in Chandigarh go easy on your pocket. Travel light, travel happy. Use ATMs in Chandigarh and never fear of losing your money while traveling. You also avoid being conscious of your handbag or wallet, when carrying Plastic money.

Today, ATMs are sprawled all over cities, be it in the marketplace, residential places, sight-seeing places and even outskirts of the city.

There are ATMs of all banks that you can think of. The ATMs are in well-lit, guarded places. Don’t let the short come of money dampen your joy of vacationing. When short of cash, rush to the nearest ATM and get crispy notes and continue your trip party.

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