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Religious Tourism In Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is a well acknowledged pilgrimage destination which is a home to different religious pilgrim centers. The famous Tripupati temple located in the Tirumala hills is one of the major religious centers of Andhra Pradesh. This temple is a dwelling to Lord Venkateshwar and is considered as a richest temple of Hindus in the whole world. Besides this, Amaravati’s Shiva Temple is also considered to be a renowned religious place for Hindu devotees. Sri Kalahasti Temple located in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh is another ancient Hindu temple that is a popular pilgrimage site. The Shiva temple located here is acknowledged for its incredible gopuras. The Ramappa Temple together with the thousand pillars temple situated in Warangal is another famous temple that is praised for its carvings. This state also has assorted Buddhist Temples which are located in Kolanpaka, Phanigiri, Nelakondapalli, Ghantasala, Nagarjuna Konda, Bhattiprolu and Amaravati. Islam is considered as one of the popular religion in Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad is mushroomed with numerous mosques which are must visit. Acknowledged as the adobe of Nizams at one time, this city has been now shaped by the Muslim culture.

The town of Trimula has Triumala Venkateshwara Temple which is located in the district of Chitroor. It is considered as one of the most prominent religious site for the Hindu devotees all through the country. This city is the second richest pilgrimage place which has many religious people that have immense religious faith following the Padmanabhaswamy temple in India’s state of Kerala. The main temple of this place is dedicated to Venkateshwara God. In the year 1517, the ruler of Vijayanagara, Sri Krishna Deva Raya, during his visit to this temple, donated his jewels and gold, thereby enabling the Vimana roofing to become glided. The statues of Sri Krishna Deva Raya together with his spouse are placed in the premises of the temple.

Lord Shiva’s five ancient Hindu temples, also called as Pancharama Kshetras, are situated at Kumararama, Ksheerarama, Somarama, Draksharama and Amararama. The Shivalings of these temples are designed from one shivling.

Simhachalam is one more famous pilgrimage site which has immense national importance. It is located on a hill which is approximately 20 kilometers north of city center, Visakhapatnam. This place is said to be the house of Narsimha, the savior of God who saved Prahlada from his cruel and abusive father Hiranyakashipu. Another beautifully sculptured shrine in Andhra Pradesh, this shrine is considered to have exquisite 16 pillar Natya Mantapa together with a 96 pillared Kalyana Mantapa. This temple was constructed in 11the century by well known Kullotunga Chola. The engaged and committed couples visit this temple as a part of a ritual prior to their marriage. This is also one of the other crowded temples in Andhra Pradesh.

The temple Srisailam located in Kurnool district is a well known Shiva temple which is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines. The Lord Rama is said to himself install the Shahsralinga, and the Pandavas stayed in the Panchapandava lingas in the courtyard of the temple. The skand purana, which is a traditional text, has lesson called Srisaila Kandam which is devoted to this temple. It focuses on its ancient origin. As per some sayings, Adi Shankara (c. AD 788-821) visited the temple when he composed his Sivanada Lahiri. The temple Srisailam is located in district of Kurnool.

Another temple, Bhadrachalam is a temple dedicated to Lord Rama located in town of Bhadrachalam which lies in the Khammam district. Located on the banks of river Godavari, this is the place where devotional songs for Lord Rama were written by Kancherla Gopanna. It is considered that lord Rama had spent some years here in Treta Yuga. During the rule of Tanisha, funds were collected by Kancherla Gopanna in the seventeenth century. Sri Rama Navami, a grand celebration that symbolizes the marriage of Lord Rama with Sita is popularly celebrated here every year.  Andhra Pradesh Government sends pearls for this particular event.

Temple of Goddess Durga, Kanaka Durga is located on Indrakeeladri Hills in Vijayawada which lies at the banks of River Krishna. Special aarti and puja are done here during Dasara, also known as navratri. The most prominent are Theppotsavam and Saraswati Puja. The festival of Dasara which is devoted to Goddess Durga is conducted here every year. Flock of pilgrims visit and participate in this festival by taking a holy dip in River Krishna.

Gunadala Matha Shrine – a popular Christian pilgrimage destination in India, this shrine is located in the city of Vijayawada. Many people visit this shrine all throughout the year since they believe firmly in the compassionate heart of Lourdes’s Blessed Mother Lady. They visit here to seek her blessings. People from Andhra Pradesh and its neighboring states like Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu visit this holy shrine during the month of February, every year.

Located in Mantralayam, Kurnool district, Raghavendra Swami Mutt is a small town which lies on the banks of River Tungabhadra touching the border of neighboring state Karnataka. This town is also called Manchale. This town is popular due to its holy presence of many gurus which includes Guru Raghavandra from Virndavan, who was a Madhwa Swami besides being a follower of Sri Madhwacharya. It is considered that Guru Raghavendra has been in Vrindavana since the last 339 years and will be in Vrindavana for the next 361 years. When Guru Raghavendra Sawmi entered Vrindavana, he said that he would stay here for 700 years.

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