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Paigah Tombs Hyderabad

The Paigah Tombs also referred to as Maqhbara Shums Ul Umra are the tombs which belong to the Shums ul Umrahi or Paigah nobility. The architecture style found here is unique in itself.

According to history, the aristocratic family of Paigah was the descendents of second Caliph (in islam) and were Nizams’ loyalists who served as generals, states people and philanthropists working under them. It was since 1797 that the two families started inter-marrying and solidified their close bond.

They claimed to descend from Hazrath Omar bin Al-Khattab, who was the Islam second caliph. The Paigah nobles were richer than the usual Indian king. The word Paigah is a Persian word meaning “footstool” which means “right-hand man”.

The Paigah tombs found in Hyderabad as mentioned are the tombs of the Paigahs and were built as per the generations of the members of their families. These family members were blessed to have a close intimacy with the Nizams. They occupied a good and conspicuous position in the then society. They were shouldered the responsibility of protection, vigilance, and defense and security of the state. There were a number of Paigah nobles and the notable personalities whose tombs were built here are :

  • Shams-ul-Umara
  • Asman Jah and
  • Viqar-ul-Umara

The Paigah tombs reminds of the ancient days and times when Abdul Fateh Khan Tegh Jung had established the nobility of Paigah. He used to serve the second Nizam, who was the then king and owned the throne from 1760 to 1803.


The tombs are located in the city of Hyderabad at the suburb of Pisal Banda in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

The Tomb Structure

The major complex of Paigah tombs consists of 27 tombs having intricate inlay work and beautifully carved sophisticated walls and canopies which stunns the filigree screens following geometric patterns along with tall and gorgeous turrets.

The tombs offer graceful structures which are adorned with stucco work representing the architecture style of Mughals, Persians, Greeks as well as Deccani and Rajasthani structure. There are geometrical designs decorating the Paigah Tombs which are distinct as well as uniquely perforated with screens exhibiting elegant craftsmanship being constructed by Amir e kabir I. there were a number of additions made in the architecture by the then nawabs and the last addition however was given by Lady Vikar ul Umra for herself as well as her son Nawab Sultan ul Mulk Bahadur. Apart from the tombs of Amir e Kabir III, there is a tomb of Nawab Rashid uddin Khan Bahadur also found here.

Since the Paigahs had passion for the arts and commanded the respect of the other nobles along with the people, their passion is exhibited in their incomparable elegance as well as grace which remains beyond explanation and can be witnessed in their tombs also. The Paigah Tombs are regarded as the wonders of Hyderabad for its amazing artistry which is exhibited in their tile work of inlaid mosaic.

The paigah tombs found at the Pisal Banda suburbs of Hyderabad are sophisticated and beautifully carved facades of marble which are pierced there. They are epitome of one of the most delicately carved and gorgeous Indo-Islamic architecture which has features having a blend of Rajputani and Asaf jah styled architecture. There are gigantic double-storeyed structures of gateway which welcomes the visitor at the outset of the Paigah tombs.

There are exemplary mausoleums showcasing features of several designs and craftsmanship which utilizes huge canopies and majestic fences of marble done in trellis-work and are formed of geometric as well as floral designs. The arches look superb having fringed by small semi-circular arches which is a unique feature of Indian architecture and are found to be employed. Every tomb of the Pagiah member offers distinctive and breath- taking style which is discovered with unique and ideal way. All of them are followed by walls which protect the picturesque design of lattice work. It is actually something worth wondering that how much efforts would have been put in and how much time would have it consumed before this exemplary structure came into being and these tombs also got that unparallel architecture making this place a must visit destination for the tourists coming to the city of Hyderabad.

How to Reach There

One can reach the Paigah tombs of Hyderabad in a number of ways as per his convenience. There are easily available local buses as well as autos and taxis, cars for reaching the tomb. There are several modes of transportation in the city of Hyderabad for reaching the place. If there are tourists from abroad then the Hyderabad International Airport serves the purpose and help in accessing this amazing place. There are well connected flights which carry passengers from different parts of the world with direct or connecting flights. There is also availability of trains for Hyderabad from several popular states and different prominent cities of the country.

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