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Uppada Road Beach

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October to March

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Boating, swimming and beach games

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Its wide shore

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Anand Regency and Falcons Nest

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The "Uppada Road Beach" is located in Andhra Pradesh and is one of the places that should not be missed, for it is a feast to the eyes as well as a wonderful gift from the nature. It is located on the Uppada road which is around 5 kilometers from Kakinada. It has a wide shore and a gradual slope which makes it a sought after tourist destination.

The beach is enthralling with its water so clean and also to add is the beautiful park that makes the beach more beautiful.

This place ‘Uppada’ is a village which is known for weaving, located on the shores of the sea and also is a home to many fishermen and the journey from Kakinada to Uppada is very picturesque. An ideal location for a vacation, Uppada Road Beach is a calm and beautiful place, that one would love to spend time with their loved ones. It is a place with that charm in it, which makes one remember the place and the time spent there, for a lifetime. The view of the blue water and the soft white sand located on this beach is sheer magic which makes one visit it again and again.

Another important thing not to be missed here is the Sunset which fills the azure blue skies with golden rays making it a mesmerizing experience that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime.


Located in Kothapallemandal, East Godavari in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, Uppada village is very famous for the Uppadasarees. These sarees are known as ‘UppadaPattuChiralu’ which are basically made in silk. It is also a very popular fishery station which is famous for prawns.

How to Reach

By Air

Kakinada is one and a half hour drive away from Rajamundry, which is the nearest Airport to Kakinada.

By Rail

There are Daily train services to Kakinada from all major towns -Hyderabad, Vijayawada, etc.

By Road

Kakinada is well connected by road to different cities by bus and the roads are in a very good condition.

By Local Transportation

Bus, Auto Rickshaws, Taxis and Rented Tourist Vehicles are available for transportation between Kakinada and Uppada Road beach.

Beach Attractions

There is a necessity to say that the Blue water in the Uppada Road Beach is an eye catcher, making one lose the track of time by just gazing at the wonderful view. Also to mention is the magical sunrise and sunset which makes it a beautiful spot for vacation. There is also a well maintained park located on the Uppada Road Beach which is not to be missed. The view of nature alongside the road from Kakinada to Uppada Road Beach, which is almost five kilometers is another attraction to the visitors.
Tourists who travel to this place can visit the local village and shop for the famous Uppada cotton and silk sarees.


Uppada Road beach is situated about 5 km away from Kakinada city located in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh.

Weather and Climate

Uppada village has diverse climatic conditions with a mixed climate of hot summers and pleasant winters. Even the monsoon is very nice with ample rainfall during the season. Ideal months to visit Uppada road Beach are from October to March.

Summers can get really hot with temperature ranging upto 45°C. Summer starts here from March and could last until May.

Monsoon here is experienced by heavy rainfalls with humid climate. Monsoon starts in the month of June and lasts up to September.

Winters are very pleasant with the temperatures ranging from 18°C to 32°C. Months of winter start from December and last until February.

Adventure Activities at Beach

Uppada Road Beach is very famous for its wide shore and the gradual slope which makes it a very safe beach ideal for beach games such as beach volleyball, football or some cricket. One can also jog along the shore or even follow a trekking trial. This beach is a place with mixed entertainment.

The local fishermen along the beach are very friendly and also, one could get an experience of going along with the local fishermen for deep water fishing.

Hotels Near Uppada Road Beach

Hotel Anand Regency

Hotel Anand Regency is a three star hotel, located near Uppada Road Beach and is one of the most sought after hotels in the area. It is very well maintained and has ultra-modern infrastructure. The service rendered in this hotel is the kind of an experience that makes the tourists feel at home. Accessibility to the hotel is very convenient due to the location of the hotel and also the roads are well maintained in and around the place.


Hotel Anand Regency , 6-3-7, Jampet Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, Pincode- 533103

Email :info@hotelanandregency.com

Hotel Falcons Nest

Falcons Nest hotel is a decent and well maintained hotel, located near Uppada Road Beach. One important thing to mention about this hotel is the quality of food that is available here, which sports all varieties of south Indian cuisines. The connectivity of the hotel from the bus stand and airport make it very comfortable for tourists to check in here.


Plot no 33, Lawsons Bay Colony

Visakhapatnam - 530017, India

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