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Kalingapatnam Beach

  • Location

30 km from Srikakulam district

  • Best Time to Visit

December to February

  • Adventure Activities

Beach games, Swimming, Water sports

  • Attractions

Sea shore, Excavation sites, Madina Darga Saheb

  • Hotels and Resorts

Sun Ray Village Resort, Green Park Visakhapatnam, Novotel Visakhapatnam Varun Beach, The Gateway Hotel Beach Road, The Bay Leaf Hotel

Kalingapatnam is situated in the Srikakulam district, which is the main panchayat. Kalingapatnam is the place where River Vamsadhara enters the Bay of Bengal. The meeting of the two waters is distinguishably a scene not to miss. Undoubtedly it is one the safest and cleanest beaches in Andhra Pradesh. The beach is amidst a backdrop of clear blue sky with palm groves waving high with winds. Kalingapatnam makes a perfect spot for spending your leisure time. The long stretch of the coastline, clean air and delicious food of Andhra Pradesh makes your stay a memorable experience as you get back home overwhelmed. Summers season makes it a hot destination not only for tourists but also for the local people. The place is generally not overcrowded but you can often see family picnics and get together.


Kalingapatnam served as one of the ancient harbor towns of Andhra Pradesh and was a major export centre for Perfumes and textiles.the beach was closed during the British reign. Madina Saheb a Darga is where people of all religions worship the god is near the beach. Srikakulam got eminent archaeological significance because of the revelation of ancient Buddhist existence. The excavation site is 18 km away from River Vamsadhara.

This place had two names—Salivatika (rice emporium) and Salyapetika (box of relics). While the former was the name given by the locals here, the place was christened Salyapetika for the numerous human bones that were found here upon excavation.

A significant dig out in the area revealed the many stupas, platforms and ancient sheds. Many of these have ancient inscriptions that are a delight to see. The main Stupa lies on the top of the hill. It is 46 feet in diameter. The other structures include the maha vihara salipethaka where the entrance is shaped like a Swastika. The place conveyed Buddhism to a lot of other European countries.

How to Reach

By Air

The closest airport is at Vishakhapatnam, which is about 106 km away. The Hyderabad international airport is 700 km away and you can cover the remaining distance by a train.

By Rail

Srikakulam Town has a major railway station; trains are available to all places including Kolkata, Chennai and Vishakapatnam.

By Road

Srikakulam is well connected with road to other metro cities with national highways and travelling to Kalingapatnam is not very difficult. Vishakhapatnam – Srikakulam is a 5 hr drive. You can hire a private taxi or a take a bus.

Beach Attractions

It’s a pleasure to watch River Vamsadhara merge into the Bay of Bengal here. The Buddhist Mahastupa and its remains show case the ancient Buddhist culture and the serene and calm atmosphere adds to the attraction. Kalingapatnam is one of the famous tourism places in and around Srikakulam District for its well established Light-house adds on to the beauty. The Beach is safe for water games, Beach games and evening strolls. Srikakulam offers a lot of shopping for souvenirs and artefacts for the shopaholics.


Kalingapatnam lies 30 km from Srikakulam and it is the nearest town to the Beach. The town has all facilities including hotels, hospitals and other basic amenities.

Weather and Climate

Kalingapatnam Beach is considered a comparatively cooler place and the best time to visit the place is from December to February.

Summers are humid and extend from February to Mid June.

Rains stay till mid October but temperatures are bearable. The maximum temperature of the place falls between 40-45 degrees and it becomes more pleasant as the sun goes down.

Adventure Activities at Beach

There are many things to do at and around the beach. You can play water sports or go for a swim in the waters. Apart from this the site for excavations is near the beach and you can see the ruins and remains of the ancient architecture. The light house gives an amazing view of the setting sun.

Hotels Near the Beach

A few good hotels and resorts are available near the beach and the Srikakulam city which are run private or by the government of Andhra Pradesh, but if you insist on a more comfortable stay then you can also book hotels on the highway connecting Kalingapatnam to Vishakhapatnam.

Green Park, Visakhapatnam is a 4-star hotel next to Kalingapatnam with 110 Rooms located at Waltair Main Road.

Novotel Visakhapatnam Varun Beach is a 5-star hotel with 161 rooms. It is located at Beach Road.

The Gateway Hotel Beach Road is a 5-star hotel with 93 rooms. It is located at Beach Road.

Bay Leaf is a 3-star hotel next to Kalingapatnam. It has 10 rooms and it’s located at Plot A, Ocean Drive, Sagar Nagar.

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